Brothers become V8 AMCA rivals

SPEEDWAY: On Saturday night the family name of Frenken was prominent with Rene “easing” into his return to racing while Luke was enjoying his debut.

Older brother Rene had raced Super Stockers and Fender Benders but then had a six-year break from the sport.

Now he is making up for lost time and enjoying the thrill of racing again in a new category of car.

Not that he has made his return to nurse Luke into the fierce competition of V8 AMCA National racing.

“He can race himself,” he declared with a grin.

Rene said he had thoughts of getting back onto the track but once he secured a sponsorship deal through Redline it became a reality.

The driver also had to admit there was a little parental assistance to help get him behind the wheel of his AMCA.

“I could not do this without mum and dad’s support,” he admitted.

But why move into the AMCA section of racing?

“It is a good category,” he stated.

Last weekend, Rene powered his way through the mayhem on the track to come from back marker and win a heat.

Now he is after a far bigger prize as he has been asked to go to Brisbane to compete this weekend in the AMCA 5000, a prestigious race in which only the top divers are given invitations.

“It is not a state title but it is right up there with it,” he said.

Three invitations were offered to drivers in Central Queensland but Rene is the only one whose car was in racing condition after the weekend’s dust-up on the track at the Showgrounds.

Although Rene has raced before, he admits the AMCA is a different set-up from the other categories of machine he has been involved with and is still learning about his car.

Rene will have plenty of back-up at the track in Brisbane with most of the family there to support.

Dad, Jim Frenken, will be a part of the pit crew while young brother, Luke, has also indicated he, too, will be getting his hands dirty.

“I’m hoping to get more sponsorship so I can race in South Australia,” he added

For 17-year-old Luke, racing AMCA was a chance he could not turn down.

The teenager had plans of getting a car ready for the Fender Bender section but when the opportunity arose he was not inclined to turn it down.

“When Rene got this car I thought I’d start,” he said.

Luke is usually a typically talkative teenager but he admits that was not the case when he got suited up and behind the wheel for the opening race in the class last week.

“The nerves started to go,” he said.

While that feeling only lasted until the cars were under way, he had to admit his introduction to the speedway track was not a lengthy one.

At the first bend the youngster suffered a mechanical fault and was forced to watch the rest of that race from the middle of the track.

While he got more time on the track during his second heat, the bug had bitten and Luke is now keen to keep racing.

“It’s competitive but everyone gives you racing room,” he said.

“They are good drivers but they go hard.”

The brothers may be competitors on the track but could end up as team-mates as they are intending to play AFL with Brothers during the winter.

The nerves started to go

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