Maneater is a Brian Duggan bull that gets cranky when a cowboy tries to get on his back.
Maneater is a Brian Duggan bull that gets cranky when a cowboy tries to get on his back. ALLAN REINIKKA AR

Bulls hit Great Western

A popular song of the ’50s began: “Once upon a time there was a little white bull.”

Brian Duggan’s Titanic is most certainly not the bull described in that dated ditty.

Firstly, of course, the bull Titanic is not little – weighing over 1000kg, he will be the biggest beast at the Great Western indoor arena for the Bundaberg Rum Touring Pro event which begins tonight and continues tomorrow night.

Secondly, the song is all about a friendly little bull, something Titanic cannot lay claim to, either.

The Duggan bull has made just one appearance at Rockhampton, something cowboy Josh Plant will remember little of, despite being the designated rider of the beast.

Duggan only recently added Titanic to his herd but Titanic was no novice, having already destroyed the hopes of a number of promising cowboys with his fearsome style and brute strength.

“He’s very big and strong,” Duggan said.

“He is a well-proven bull competing on the circuit.”

Titanic is just one of the Duggan bulls set to make the life of top Australian Professional Bull Riders (PBR) misery over the next two nights.

Maneater is another that has proved to be almost unrideable, Junk Yard Dog is one to quickly end his association with any rider while one of Duggan’s newer bulls to make an impression in recent months has been Hillbilly Hook.

Not that Duggan is the only contractor around whose sole purpose in life is provide bucking beasts that will terrorise some poor, unsuspecting cowboy.

Also putting their best bulls on display are the Duaringa pair of Trevor and Tony Dunne, while Fred Kleier is another from out west who is known to have more than a couple of handy beasts in his herd.

Matt Postle has a string of bulls competing, while making up the quota for Central Queensland is Robert McPhee, who will also be out to show his beasts are worthy of being ridden by the best around.

While Duggan and company concentrate on the performances of the four-legged stars, all the top Australian cowboys will be there, out to impress.

Number one on the Australian PBR circuit for 2009 was New South Wales rider David Kennedy, a cowboy who has mastered Maneater, not once but twice, to claim high scores

Kennedy’s first ride of the competition will be on a Kleier bull with the less than frightening name of Freckles.

Rhys Angland is another cowboy capable of winning the major money on offer and he will start his program with a ride on the Matt Postle bull Alley Cat.

Meanwhile, Postle is also riding at the event and has drawn one of the bulls from which, if successful, he can earn a big score, Duggan’s Maneater.

The Great Western loves Jock Connolly and he could be in line to milk a big score out of the powerful Dunne bull Balboa.

Cameron Byrne has the dubious honour of trying to stay on the back of Titanic for the full eight seconds.

Action begins at the Great Western tonight at 7.30pm.

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