READERS DISCUSS: Doctor's backing of vaccinating sick baby

A ROCKHAMPTON GP, who practices at Allenstown Medical Centre, heard about the recent string of anti-vaccination abuse directed at a Rockhampton couple and decided to publicly announce his support.

Doctor stands by parents decision to vaccinate their son

Childcare centres support legislation on unvaccinated kids

Anti-vaxxers needle mum after baby hospitalised

The Bulletin asked readers on Facebook: What do you think about people who abuse others for choosing to vaccinate their babies?

Susan Cunningham: I don't understand why low rates of reactions and mostly harmless reactions are thought 'worse' than the actual disease the vaccine protects against. I am also appalled by the number of anti-vaxxers pressuring people not to vaccinate their horses against Hendra virus. The virus kills infected horses at close to 100% and people at over 50%. But still people in high risk areas are being pressured not to vaccinate. FYI, this couple probably have more genuine grounds than most to be objectors.

Carmen Challen: I agree. These parents are so strong to continue with vaccinating after what they've been through. Big hugs to them

Nicole Berden: Vaccination is so IMPORTANT. If more and more people do not vaccinate there precious children we will have more diseases develop and different strains of diseases that already exists.

Joanne Coulter: There is no place for abuse here...They are living in a Utopian world...they are living in an era where the majority are already vaccinated and don't get to see what it is like not to have vaccinations. Some of us not only had relatives but nursed those who were not vaccinated and it should not be like that....disabled for the rest of their life. We are responsible for our childrens welfare as well as those around us. If you don't vaccinate can spread to responsible...

Nathan Emerson: I think it is plain and utter stupidity on those who refuse to vaccinate their children. Yes it's their choice and a poor one at that.

Emily O'halloran: It's a parents RIGHT to choose.

Rosie Spreadborough: My son has Autism but I still chose to vaccinate my youngest daughter.

Kimbaa Maree: I think it is stupid how anti-vaccinators are acting. It is the choice of the individual parent whether they do it or not (good stuff to those who do vaccinate).

Wendy Yewdale: The only responsible attitude.

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