Bumps in the night prove a test

THERE are not many things that make race announcer Josh Keene panic but the sight of five of the Wingless Sprintcars knocking each other out in a spectacular “coming together” had him a little nervous.

“Only eight of the original 12 cars attended,” he said.

“When I saw five of them pile up I had contingency plans racing around my head.”

As that accident occurred in the heats, the drivers and pit crews did a great job to ensure the Feature went ahead with seven cars making the starting line up.

It is not too hard to see why these little cars are gaining popularity as they are very pacy and had the entry been better the racing would have been even more spectacular.

Not that local race ace Kev Young will have worried about that too much.

During the week when he spoke to The Morning Bulletin he said how excited he was to be racing on his home track for the first time in his Wingless Sprintcar after racing here in other divisions.

Young said he was looking forward to the sideways action drivers get at the Showgrounds.

He was not disappointed, winning the Feature from start to finish in a convincing display of racing.

The most spectacular part of the race came when Young took the chequered flag as just behind him Aaron Ackerley put in a big finish only to make a mess of his car as he clipped the wall.

The Fender Bender category is looking at re-building its strength this season and if the quality of the Feature is an indicator of what is to come they should have no problems and enjoy a great season.

The group lost Heath Simpson during the heats leaving just seven cars going around but they did their job in making the 12-lap Feature a beauty.

The battle began with Warren Johnson and Beau Saunders jostling for the lead with Saunders trying to trick Johnson on the bends and then Johnson powering ahead off the corner.

Such was the competitive nature of the two that on one re-start Saunders was nudging the tail of the Johnson car only for Johnson to apply the brakes.

That action saw Saunders shorten his car slightly as he ran into the back of Johnson and then Steven Hogan completed the modifications by running into the back of the Saunders car.

Nevertheless Saunders car was still in racing condition and when Johnson slipped up, the Queensland number one took his chance, and the race.

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