A driver, who did a 50m skid, has listed a series of excuses for his poor driving behaviour (file image).
A driver, who did a 50m skid, has listed a series of excuses for his poor driving behaviour (file image).

Driver flees after 50m skiddy ends up in power pole crash

ALLAN Mulhall pulled out of the driveway, did a 50 metre skiddy across both sides of the road before crashing his purple falcon through a mailbox and into a power pole.

He tried to reverse, but the car was stuck.

He exited the vehicle and began running towards the house at Regency Downs he had just left from and drove away with a woman in a different car.

That's what the Gatton Magistrates Court heard when the 51-year-old appeared for three charges on Monday, January 11.

But Mulhall, who owns an excavation business, said the road was "littered with gravel" and he was "not in the habit" of reckless driving.

"I'm a truck driver, I've got my own business and I do a lot of mileage," Mulhall told the court in his defence.

"I haven't had a suspended licence for years - I see it (a licence) as a privilege, not a right."

Police prosecutor senior constable Narelle Lowe detailed the case and said witnesses heard Mulhall's engine rev in the driveway before exiting onto Staatz Quarry Road on October 8.

"As soon as the vehicle finished its turn, it commenced a large skid, and continued until it crashed into a power pole after colliding with a letter box," senior constable Lowe said.

A witness told police the driver got out of the vehicle and ran back to the house.

"The driver told the witness he would return with his driver's licence and contact details, but he did not return to the scene," senior constable Lowe said.

She said CCTV footage from a neighbouring property showed Mulhall's vehicle fishtailing for about 50m before he loses control and crashes into the pole.

Almost a month later on November 2, Mulhall fronted the Laidley police station, but refused to participate in a recorded interview.

It was revealed the vehicle's registration had also expired two days before the crash.

Mulhall said the "whole situation had wrecked me" and he would probably lose his business.

"I've already had to pay $2500 to the holding yard to release my vehicle, and it's currently at the panel beaters, which will probably cost another $5000," he said.

"The road was littered with gravel, and I'm not in the habit of that sort of behaviour."

Mulhall said he had since suffered a medical episode, a stroke, and was unable to drive for another three months.

When Magistrate Graham Lee asked why Mulhall was driving an unregistered vehicle, he replied that he had "been unwell for weeks leading up to it".

"I didn't realise it was unregistered, it was two days out of rego," he said.

"I'm not in the habit of driving unregistered vehicles - I've never done it before."

Mulhall said he left the scene of the accident to go to hospital - where he spent a week recovering.

"Because there was no other vehicles involved, I didn't realise there was anything," he said.

He pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a vehicle, failing to comply with duties of driver involved in a crash, and driving an unregistered vehicle.

Magistrate Lee fined Mulhall $750 for the three fines and disqualified him from driving for three months.

No conviction was recorded.

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