Tech expert Bruce Kerr talks upgrading your old laptop.
Tech expert Bruce Kerr talks upgrading your old laptop.

BYTE ME: Maintaining your laptop’s longevity

THIS WEEK we look at another job that is still at the office right now to be sorted ready to go out next Tuesday.

In this case, it is a six-year-old HP Envy 17.3” laptop that was a beauty in its day, purchased from a chain store.

The customer had spent mega dollars on this laptop which originally shipped with a 1TB mechanical drive and Windows 8.

The customer used it for a few years but could hear the mechanical drive starting to make noises, later returning to the chain store for an upgrade to an SSD – a very logical decision in my opinion.

The mechanical was ‘imaged’ to the SSD, which is what needed to happen, however in this case the mechanical was still left in the laptop and was still set as the primary drive.

So much for the customer believing that the chain store guy knew his stuff.

Now, the laptop has two bootable drives in it, which is an absolute corruption disaster waiting to happen.

Also, all the advantages that the customer paid for in wanting to have all of their data on the SSD (reliability and speed) were not supplied as the SSD was basically along for the ride without be the active drive!

Adding to the above potential for disaster their Norton backup had not run for several months and was not configured to grab ANY of their documents or emails.

The customer came to us through our reputation because they were suspicious of the abilities of the chain store.

In this case, the fact that the customer made it through this amount of time to get to see us without any data loss is nothing short of a miracle.

Being six years since the previous laptop purchase and running the gauntlet for so long, the customer decided to get one of our Hewlett Packard Z-Books with a hex core i7 and massive amounts of ram and SSD storage capacity, as well as our tried and true KS Backup software. They will also get the old laptop back configured up the way it should have been.

Information Technology is not a simple field and is constantly changing.

If you are not permanently in full time IT employment with immediate access to others in the same field then you are simply trying to keep up.

Time and again we see back yarders and chain stores set themselves up as IT experts when in truth they have rarely done much more than installing some software or a printer.

I am sure that good operators in all trades and professions are often called upon to fix the worsened results of a backyarder tampering with something that they really know little about. This can often make what should have been a straightforward and simple job cost 10 times as much and become a literal nightmare.

If you are considering taking your car, computer, plumbing, electrical work, or your own health to a friend of a friend that is ‘supposed’ to be an expert – forget it!

What you think will be a bargain investment, will nine times out of 10 become an expensive and painful trip down the road to a regretful money pit.

Future Byte Me topics can be emailed to and Bruce is still contactable at Kerr Solutions, 205 Musgrave Street or on 49 222 400.

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