Marketing guru calls to beef up Rocky’s image

ROCKHAMPTON'S beef capital status has been a hotly debated topic lately, so is it time we ditch the bull and rebrand the region?

Warren Acutt, one of Rockhampton's best marketing minds has no problem with the bull statues but believes the town must expand past the beef title to improve the regions image.

Warren said the statues of bulls throughout the town added to the character of the region but there needed to be more than statues to claim the beef title.

"The product needs to back up what you promoting," Warren said.

"If you want to keep pushing the beef capital of Australia idea then you need to push the reason behind it."

He said when tourists came to town they needed to experience something that made them realise they were actually in the beef capital of Australia.

"There's no cattle industry park or museum and the sale yards aren't active all the time either," he said.

"We need something here 365 days a year to give some sort of tangibility to the beef capital flag."

Warren said we shouldn't throw away the fact that people know Rocky for something but we needed to explore other identities.

"We need to extend our focus beyond the bull and incorporate our sporting and cultural sides," he said.

"We need to blend what we know with what we want to be."

Warren said perhaps the answer was blending champion bulls and champion people together in order to rebrand the region.

"Rocky has a great sporting and cultural history that it should be proud of," Warren said.

"We should be taking advantage of that as great people have come from this area including Rod Laver, Anna Meares who trained here as well one of the greatest jockeys ever."

Warren said Rockhampton had a lot of great stories to tell but a lot of them haven't been told yet and this is where the region was losing out.

"People want stories and we don't produce enough stories," he said.

"We need to put more emphasis on these wonderful stories instead of just holding onto our beef capital title."

Warren said it was a matter of celebrating our people and achievements rather than riding on the back of a bull when it came to how Rockhampton was branded.

"We need to celebrate our people and make people aware of Rocky's achievements," he said.

"I don't know why we don't make more emphasis on that instead of relying on our bull statues."

Warren said the town needed to change its image but also keep some of the former that people recognise and relate to rather than starting from scratch.

"You can stop promoting one image and replace with another but you'll need a lot of money to do it and even then there is no guarantee," he said.

"I think there are good reasons to review Rockhampton's image, but with limited resources it's got to be carefully done, including how it gets the community on side."

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