Campaign highlights Central Queensland’s hidden home terror

MANY Rockhampton people have bravely shared their stories about domestic and family violence with The Morning Bulletin during our "Terror at Home" campaign.

The campaign, which started on March 14, is designed to bring awareness and support to people dealing with domestic and family violence.

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Over the past month, we have shared reports from victims, including a graphic first-hand account of a Rockhampton man who survived both an abusive upbringing and the Vietnam War.

We have also heard from those in our region who support the victims in their time of need, such as police officers, psychologists and providers of groups like the Rockhampton Women's Shelter.

At times the reports have been chilling in their detail.

The coverage is a sobering reminder of the reach domestic and family violence has, crossing all lines of life.

The Morning Bulletin thanks everyone who has contributed so far as we continue to fight to make our community a safer place for all.

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