Senator Matt Canavan at the launch of the trial of the SBAS Satelite-Based Augmentation System.
Senator Matt Canavan at the launch of the trial of the SBAS Satelite-Based Augmentation System. Chris Ison ROK091117csatellite4

Canavan lashes out at Palaszczuk's 'dog act' Adani move

SENATOR Matt Canavan has once again slammed Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk about her "ridiculous” decision to veto the $1 billion Adani loan.

The Rockhampton-based senator told media today that although he hasn't contacted the Premier directly, he was happy to use the press conference as an opportunity to apologise for his comments on Wednesday where he claimed "a domestic” between Ms Palaszczuk and her boyfriend derailed the loan.

"I have apologised,” Mr Canavan said at the press conference.

"I didn't intend to have it taken the way that some have insinuated. But I won't shy away from the fact that I do think it's absolutely absurd that the Premier would blame her boyfriend's job for the fact that we can't have jobs.”

Late last week, the Premier vetoed Queensland Government backing for a $1b federal loan support for Adani's Central Queensland railway line.

The Premier's intervention was originally about absolving herself of a conflict of interest because her partner worked on Adani's loan application. This was later amended to honour a 2015 promise not to provide Adani with public funds.

Mr Canavan said the Premier's action was no way to run a state.

"It is a fig leaf of an excuse from a Premier who is trying to hide from the fact that she's done a dirty deal with the Greens to try and save seats in Brisbane and cost jobs here in regional Queensland by doing so,” Mr Canavan said today after delivering his apology.

"She made a decision on her own, without consultation with cabinet, on Adani directly against the advice she received.

"She has lost her integrity now...and she has lost the trust of the Queensland people, because then she tried to mislead and misconstrue what the Integrity Commissioner's advice was until it was all revealed over the weekend.

"The Queensland government applied to the federal government for NAIF funds early last year. They've already committed multiple times in the past 18 months to support that. I know that they've already committed to Adani themselves, and in three weeks from election, to change their position is a dog act.

"It is an act that is putting our economic future here in Central Queensland at risk and you cannot run a state in this shambolic way.”

Mr Canavan urged Premier Palaszczuk to admit to her actions and come forward with and stick to her beliefs.

"Don't chop and change like this when real people put real investments based on your positions as a government. This is putting a great risk on jobs in our area and unfortunately, it's going to cost people,” he said.

"I would also like to make a point here that it's the Premier that's been running around saying that it was apparently some LNP smear campaign going on ... that I might be behind it with no evidence whatsoever, no evidence of any of this and its been a very unfortunate conduct of someone who says that she's the Premier of Queensland and should act with a little bit more authority and dignity.”

The Morning Bulletin sought comment from the Premier.

"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response,” she said.

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