Canavan pleased with CASA changes for mustering pilots

ROCKHAMPTON-based LNP Senator Matt Canavan believes new Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements will make a big difference for aerial mustering pilots.

CASA's planned yearly flight review requirement for the low-level rating has been extended from 12 to 24 months. A requirement to maintain a minimum of two hours' low-level flying over six months has also been removed.

But a "recent experience" requirement for pilots will remain in place, meaning pilots must have a minimum of 20 hours' experience aerial mustering in the preceding year.

If mustering pilots can't meet this requirement, they can complete a flight review, proficiency check or flight test including aerial mustering.

Mr Canavan said it was an issue he "took up on behalf of the cattle industry" and welcomed the authority's "change of heart".

"CASA has acknowledged the concerns from the helicopter industry in particular with the low-level rating, where there would have been minimal safety benefits from the new requirements, but a lot more paperwork and administrative issues for pilots and air operators," he said. "I applaud the efforts of the cattle mustering industry who mobilised their opposition to the proposed changes."

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