Canavan: Thousands of Adani jobs at risk because of 'domestic'


ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk has refused to respond to Federal Senator Matt Canavan after he said a "domestic" between the Premier and her partner ultimately led to her Adani loan veto.

The Federal Liberal National Party senator has been campaigning as if his seat is up for grabs at the November 25 election, mounting pressure on the Premier over her decision to veto the $1billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund loan to Adani to build its Galilee Basin railway.

In Mackay on Wednesday, Senator Canavan referred to the Premier's partner, Shaun Drabsch, as her "boyfriend", describing his involvement in Adani's loan application, which led to the Premier vetoing the loan, as a "domestic".

"I was gobsmacked, it took me a while to believe it, that a domestic could cost us thousands of jobs in regional Queensland," Senator Canavan said.



Ms Palaszczuk was asked twice on Wednesday about the Senator's comments but on both occasions said she would not "dignify" them with a response.

Meanwhile, her captain's pick to veto the loan has been vindicated by a ReachTEL poll, which found 70 per cent of Queenslanders are against Adani receiving $1billion of taxpayers' money.

"As I have said very clearly, we support the project (but it) needs to stack up financially, independently and needs to stand on its own two feet," she said.

"The people of Queensland do not want to see taxpayers' money to go a billionaire, that's the bottom line."

However, Senator Canavan said the election would determine what Queenslanders thought about the loan, not a poll commissioned by the Stop Adani Alliance.

"(The ALP is) meant to represent us but there is now a large question mark over this process, a question that can be answered in a few weeks time; and if the Liberal National Party is elected, the bright side of this silver lining will be the project will go ahead," he said.

"If your suggestion is that governments' decisions on multi-billion projects should change because of ReachTEL phone polls before an election, well that's how I think the state of Queensland should be run.

"I think the state of Queensland should be run with a certain degree on consistency and stability."

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