Kirsty Tarratt with husband Scott
Kirsty Tarratt with husband Scott

Cancer victim’s warning: ‘Can’t pick vulnerable by looks’

BATTLING breast cancer since September last year, Kristy Tarratt knows first-hand how serious the COVID-19 is for people in her situation and she wants people to stop and think about all the vulnerable people in the community who could lose their life if infected.

The cheerful natured mother of two said people would be amazed at just how many people fall into the vulnerable category.

“I have breast cancer, while I have been given a positive prognosis of a full recovery, I am still receiving chemotherapy which has suppressed my immune system,” Kristy said.

“With the threat of flu season upon us and more so the COVID-19 pandemic it is a worrying time and I am not alone.

“I look healthy enough as many people do, I am not bed ridden, I go about my daily chores, I do my yoga and for all intents and purposes, I look like someone that is healthy but looks can be deceiving.

“We really need people to take this threat seriously, there are so many people who fall into that vulnerable category.

“There is a wide spectrum of people of all ages who are vulnerable, people who are immune compromised, those going through chemotherapy such as myself, pregnant women, people recovering from illness, the aged and people who have just had surgery are all at risk.

“The reality is, our bodies simply do not have the ability to fight this virus and if we contract it, there is a high possibility we will die.”

Kristy said due to her condition, she has met a lot of medical staff and doctors and even they had grave concerns that people were not taking the current situation seriously.

“I wish people would take early action. You won’t be looked upon as being foolish as it is far better than saying later, ‘I wish we had done something about it earlier’,” she said.

“We can see how the rest of the world has under-reacted and the position it has left them in.

“Yes, there is going to be financial pain coming and we will all have to deal with this.

“My opinion is, I feel the government has put money before safety by not closing schools. “Everybody knows that when the schools close down, everything else will follow.

“Children apparently do not have as severe conditions from this virus; however, I believe they do carry it and spread it.

“This leaves teachers and other school staff vulnerable. This virus will then be brought home to parents, grandparent and most concerning people with suppressed immune systems like me.

“I have two children of my own and from the time of my diagnosis my husband Scott and I have discussed everything with them so they can understand why we need to be careful and so they can ask questions.

“We all need to band together right now. No one wants to see a loved one suffer or fight for their lives. Our hospital has limited facilities and could be overwhelmed very quickly.

“It feels like everything is happening so fast and as brave as I try to be, I am still very uncomfortable with the speed in which reactive measures are being made.

“We all need to reset our way of thinking, we need to slow down our lives, take this time to learn new skills and change our priorities.”

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