Candidate rubbishes waste levy

Candidate for mayor Tim Griffin says reducing waste costs is one of his top priorities.
Candidate for mayor Tim Griffin says reducing waste costs is one of his top priorities. Chris Ison

COUNCILLORS missed a trick this week when they failed to cancel the business waste levy, mayoral candidate Tim Griffin says.

Mr Griffin said if he wins the race to be the region's next mayor, scrapping the waste levy would be a top priority.

The unpopular tax was introduced by Anna Bligh's government and Mr Griffin says it was a disastrous impost on the region's small businesses.

"It's important that the new LNP State Government is not allowed a honeymoon period and pressure from the council is applied immediately to deliver on the promise to reduce costs to business," he said.

"Unfortunately the outgoing council appears to have been in recess for the last few months. Residents deserve better. Instead of patting themselves on the back, councillors should have started the process to remove this ridiculous state levy."

He said the tax had discouraged recycling, driven up costs for the council and added to the rise in the cost of living on all residents and customers.

"Businesses and residents have been financially hurting because of these costs passed on by the council. This cosy arrangement has to stop."

Mr Griffin is committed to recycling and finding ways to further reduce the amount of garbage going to landfill.

He promised to help implement industry-driven reduction solutions.

"I'm the only mayoral candidate committed to reducing cost of living pressures on families," he said.

"My six key priorities include doubling the senior citizen rates rebate and investigating the feasibility of an annual kerb-side collection to reduce illegal dumping."

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