Capras unsung hero who does it all for free

Capras joint clubman of the year Lyle Baker
Capras joint clubman of the year Lyle Baker Allan Reinikka

ASK anyone in the CQ Capras fold on what Lyle Baker's official title is, and not many know.

"Statsman," some say.

"Video guy," says another.

"Team analyst, jersey organiser, tour manager, a fatherly figure and game day helper."

Anything and everything would perhaps be the best answer.

Lance Kuveu, Maipele Morseu and Lyle Baker.
Lance Kuveu, Maipele Morseu and Lyle Baker. Contributed

He is Kim Williams' right hand man, the one who keeps the wheels turning, exactly the kind of person every organisation needs to survive.

"To me, he is the backbone of this club, we have tried to pay him but he doesn't want a bar of it," Kim explains with a slight shake of his head.

"Anything I need I go to him, stuff that usually isn't in his job description either.

"We wouldn't survive without him. He is that kind of figure every you need in any club."

Over the years the club has made attempts to pay their dedicated mate who would bleed for the team.

He repeatedly knocks them back - the one time they were successful he gave it to a player.

Lyle Baker with Kirsten and John Buttigieg.
Lyle Baker with Kirsten and John Buttigieg. Contributed

Earlier in the month at the Capras annual presentation evening there was a lull in the room as a certain award was read out.

Those in the know knew the clubman of the year award, which Lyle shared with Neil Beckett, was thoroughly earned.

As humble as ever, Lyle accepted the award with no fuss or fanfare as he deserved and quietly slipped back into his chair, albeit with a little smile.

Longtime Capra Guy Williams said his actions did not go unnoticed by the playing group.

"I was really pleased that the club honoured him, he is just a legend," Guy explained.

"I don't think the general public see what he does. All the stuff behind the scenes and never looks for recognition or praise, and that is the beauty of him.

"He is a prison guard but has a wonderful nature about him. He will do night shift and then come in to put the video together for Kim.

"I know all the boys really appreciate his work, he is always there to capture the special moments on camera too."


Lyle Baker with Josh Johnston.
Lyle Baker with Josh Johnston. Contributed

On game day, Lyle takes up his seat next to the head honcho, he watches on collecting stats in a far more relaxed mood than the coach.

While he laps up the wins and joins in the celebrations, the wins aren't what brings him back.

"Obviously he would be pleased but he has always been a supporter of us through everything," Guy added.

"He does it for the love of the club and the companionship. He really takes some of the boys under his wing."

As for his official title, the man himself says team manager. But its really all of the above.

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