Carer of disabled teens jailed for supplying meth

A MAN who supplied drugs to two of Central Queensland’s drug traffickers has been jailed, leaving his former partner to raise their two severely disabled children alone.

Larry Steven Devine, 52, pleaded guilty on August 28 in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton to 14 counts of supplying a dangerous drug.

Crown prosecutor Samantha O’Rourke said Devine had convictions on his Queensland criminal record from April 2008 for similar offending and escaped actual time in custody.

The court heard Devine’s offending was detected during a police operation targeting Beau Rasmussen, 35, and his co-accused and former partner, Erin Dawn Green, 33, who sold methamphetamines in the Biloela area for six months between July 9, 2018 and December 19, 2018, with a 33 day gap in August and September.

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During that period, Devine supplied meth to Green on 12 occasions, one to Rasmussen and one to another friend, with a total of 9.95g supplied in August, November and December.

His offending was picked up via intercepts of Green’s mobile phone conversations.

Defence lawyer Doug Winning said his client’s offending was for much less quantity than the 2008 offence of 0.802g.

“The offending behaviour on that occasion was rather pathetic,” he said.

“He was a middle man.”

Mr Winning said Devine would “have a taste” of the drugs before supplying to an undercover police officer in 2006.


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He said Devine, in recent years, had been purchasing drugs from Green and Rasmussen with the supplies he made to them being to help them out.

“Devine was caught on the fringe of that major operation,” Mr Winning said.

“He was helping them out when they couldn’t get an ample supply of drugs.

“He understood they were users of meth.

“These supplies were quantities of drugs for personal use only.”

Justice Graeme Crow said this represented a more than tenfold increase in his supply.

He said the estimated profit from these sales was between $7,100 and $8,250.

“You refused to supply Green on tick,” Justice Crow said.

A search of Devine’s home resulted in police locating a set of scales, $870 cash and an empty clip-seal bag.

Mr Winning said Devine inherited $90,000 from his father and stepmother in recent years and returned to using drugs, using his inheritance to purchase his drug of choice.

“Since being charged with these offences in early January 2018, he has made attempts to rid himself of his drug addiction,” he said.

“It was a watershed moment in his life.”

Mr Winning said Devine had been a carer for his two children and his former partner for the past 20 years, with his former partner suffering from epilepsy with three episodes per week and two sons having severe disabilities.

He said Devine was also on a disability pension as he had chronic asthma and was unemployable.

Mr Winning said prior to the inheritance, Devine would purchase drugs when he could afford to, or on tick.

He said Devine had separated from his former partner in 2010 but shared care of their “significantly” disabled sons, aged 16 and 17.

Mr Winning said the boys were unemployable.

“There is a great deal of family hardship to be suffered while you’re incarcerated,” Justice Crow said.

He sentenced Devine to three years prison and parole release set for June 27, 2021.

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