Mayor Brad Carter.
Mayor Brad Carter.

Carter and Ludwig trade insults

THE long-running Carter and Ludwig mutual insult show took a fresh turn yesterday when the Mayor and his biggest critic tore lumps off one another on a radio talk show.

This time the spark was a claim by Cr Bill Ludwig that Mayor Brad Carter had abused the services of the "$2 million brand and marketing department to launch ongoing personal attacks".

Cr Ludwig said a press release issued on official council stationery was "little short of a personal vendetta", and contained inappropriate personal smears.

He has made an official complaint to chief executive Evan Pardon claiming an abuse of Cr Carter's position.

The Mayor said the release which criticised Cr Ludwig was issued by him personally and had been compiled by him at his home.

It was sent from his own email address he said, and he had not involved any council officers in its preparation except to ask for technical verification of its accuracy.

On Michael J Bailey's breakfast show on 4RO yesterday the region's political heavyweights traded heavy verbal blows.

Cr Carter said Cr Ludwig had peddled "myths, fables and propaganda" and was living in the past.

He said he had issued the release to correct the public record after Cr Ludwig had published misguided and incorrect information about the council's record of spending at the Capricorn Coast.

He issued a challenge on air for Cr Ludwig to be positive.

Cr Ludwig said he had worked constructively at the council for four years but it was an uphill struggle when the Mayor didn't want to talk about the truth.

He said he had been the victim of "systematic marginalisation."

"The council is in revolt under his leadership because the bureaucracy has run amok and the bottom line is he must take responsibility for a shambles," he said.

The Mayor admitted to listeners that his relationship with Cr Ludwig was not a healthy one.

Afterwards Cr Carter said he felt he needed to speak out because Cr Ludwig's misleading statements were having an impact on the morale of council staff and had a negative impact on the region's image.

Cr Ludwig countered by claiming that if the press release was a personal opinion and not an official council position statement it should not have been released bearing council logos.

"He inappropriately using his position to accuse me of being a trouble maker."

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