Carter moves to win wage increase

MAYOR Brad Carter says Rockhampton region councillors who take on added responsibility should be paid accordingly.

Cr Carter said he’d made a submission to the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal when it came to Rockhampton earlier this year.

Yesterday the tribunal handed its final report, which will determine if councillors across the state get a pay rise, to the office of Local Government Minister Desley Boyle, who happened to be in Rockhampton (see story on Page 9).

Details of this report won’t publicly be released until next Monday.

Cr Carter, who said he didn’t make any submissions on his own behalf, said he told the tribunal councillors who chaired committees should have their efforts recognised.

“I believe there should be some form of consideration of additional pay for those councillors who take on a role of chairing a committee,” Cr Carter said referring back to the September meeting.

“In the past, councils have provided a little extra for this.”

He also called for the removal of the amalgamation allowance, which operates on a sliding scale to reduce a councillor’s overall pay.

Cr Carter said the argument for the allowance had been that councillors would do more hard work in the first year following amalgamation with this burden reducing in following years.

He said that hadn’t proved to be the case and he believed the allowance should be scrapped, with councillors retaining the current level of pay.

The Morning Bulletin was unable yesterday to find out if any other councillors took the opportunity to speak with the tribunal.

A spokesperson for council said the organisation didn’t make a submission and it was a matter for individual councillors if they put a position forward.

Councillors reportedly earn upwards of $94,000 a year, with the deputy mayor earning upwards of $104,000 and the mayor upwards of $154,000.

While councillors are impacted by a state parliamentarian wage freeze they could still receive a pay rise this year should the tribunal alter remuneration levels within the different pay categories or choose to upgrade a council to a higher category.

Cr Carter said he had not proposed council changing its category.

Ms Boyle, the Local Government Minister, yesterday said she was not aware of the details of the report.

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