Casino meth cook determined to ditch drug habit, says judge

AN INTERSTATE meth cook, who moved his operations between the Northern Rivers and Brisbane to evade police, will be released on parole after a judge declared he had spent enough time behind bars.

Shayne Peter Forrester, 48, managed to evade NSW and Queensland police when he moved between Casino and central-Brisbane suburb Windsor.

Brisbane District Court yesterday heard police raided Forrester's unit looking for a stolen motorbike in 2011. Inside they found a clandestine laboratory which Forrester had used to cook meth.

Police searched the unit - finding the stolen motorbike and a stolen iPad - but Forrester had fled.

He moved to Casino where he built another crude laboratory in a shed. NSW police eventually arrested Forrester at Casino.

He was jailed for the Casino lab and extradited to Queensland. He has been behind bars since 2012.

Forrester pleaded guilty to producing methylamphetamine, possessing a stolen motorbike and receiving a stolen iPad.

Crown prosecutor Chris Cook said Forrester had a history of commercial drug production and had "breached pretty much every court order imposed".

Mr Cook said Forrester was convicted of commercially producing meth in Queensland in 2004 and ram raiding a Northern Rivers pharmacy to steal 152 boxes of pseudoephedrine-based medication, a key ingredient in making meth.

Judge Michael Shanahan said time spent in jail had to be taken into account.

He said Forrester had reconnected with his family in Queensland since being jailed in NSW for the first time in a decade and was taking classes in prison.

"It's plain from a review of your history, drugs have been a problem for you for some years. It seems you are determined to change your life in terms of being a drug addict," he said.

Forrester was sentenced to 15 months in jail. He will be released when other charges are finalised in May.

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