Cat burglar sneaks as man sleeps

HARLEY Raymond Alexander crept into a Yeppoon unit and started ransacking the kitchen while its occupant was asleep on the couch.

The 19-year-old started in the carport of the unit on April 3 and let himself into a car through an unlocked door.

He then took $150 cash from the centre console before making his way into the unit.

As he started searching through the kitchen, he woke the resident on the couch.

When Alexander realised he had woken his victim, he quickly ran out the door and made off down the street.

The resident watched him and followed him, catching up as he stopped and put his backpack down near another unit.

Alexander had several mobile phones and other property in the bag and the resident told him he was going to call the police.

Alexander made another run for it, but the resident's description of him was enough for police to catch up with him not long after.

He initially denied the allegations but said he was so drunk he could have done anything.

Alexander was charged with two counts of unlawful entry of a motor vehicle and one of entering a dwelling at night.

He pleaded guilty in Yeppoon Magistrates Court on Friday.

He said he had been drinking heavily on the night and had been intoxicated.

Magistrate John McGrath warned Alexander that offences of dishonesty would leave him with few friends, because people would be unable to trust him.

“If you were to do it again you would be going to prison,” Magistrate McGrath warned.

He told Alexander the events would have been “very, very distressing” for his victims.

He fined him $750 and ordered he pay $150 restitution but did not record a conviction.

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