Pinnacle Street, Causeway Lake
Pinnacle Street, Causeway Lake Contributed

No council infrastructure change solution to Causeway flood

IT'S not breaking news to hear that the Causeway Lake has flooded again recently but Causeway resident Moya McCloughlin wants to know why.

Moya has lived in Pinnacle St for the past five years and is well aware of the history of flood in and around the Causeway.

What she struggles to understand is why has nothing been done about it.

"Speaking to others, who have resided here for years, you soon discover that the Causeway is prone to flooding and has been for years," Moya said.

"I would like to know why nothing has been done to alleviate the problem.

"We could not get in or out of our properties, a huge amount of flood damage has cost residents dearly and as if that is not enough, we are now being plagued by mosquitoes."

Moya said there was nothing more distressing than watching the water streaming down the road and being helpless to do anything about it.

Rockhampton Regional Council CEO Evan Pardon said the street and ground levels at the western end of Pinnacle St were as low as 2.3m AHD (Australian Height Datum: the height of the point above mean sea level) and lower, and it appeared some floor levels were not much higher.

 "As a consequence, any combination of high water levels in the Causeway Lake - caused by the combination of sea levels and inflow of stormwater runoff from the large catchment - will result in water levels encroaching upon the street and possibly property," Mr Pardon said.

"This would be exacerbated by any local runoff from Pinnacle St itself.

"This is not a situation which can be altered or alleviated by any changes to council infrastructure."

Mr Pardon said the recent heavy rainfall last month occurred in conjunction with a full moon and while there were higher tides early in January, the full moon tides were elevated due to low atmospheric pressure and sea conditions.

With regard to mosquitoes Mr Pardon said since January 1, the 2013 council had received 93 complaints regarding mosquitoes on the Capricorn Coast and all were have been addressed by a misting action within 48 hours.

"Council reminds the public that misting was usually used as a last resort and was It is a temporary measure, as it only killed the adult mosquitoes present on the day of misting. Council usually tries to control mosquitoes as much as possible in the larval stages of their life cycle," Mr Pardon said.

Residents who are finding mosquitoes to be problematic in their area can request misting by visiting a Council Customer Service Centre or calling 1300 22 55 77.

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