Celebrate our day in the sun

I LOVE a sunburnt country.

And boy did I just see a lot of it while spending five days travelling in the car on a road trip.

City, county and all the roads in between, thousands of kilometres later, there is no way to feel more Australian than seeing those sweeping plains and rugged mountain ranges for yourself.

Not to mention the endless road trains or the grey nomads on the move.

I was happy the kids didn't even start the "Are we there yets?'' until the last 500km or so.

I am so proud of my little Aussie travellers who only needed one or two "I can't wait any longer'' pit stops on the side of the road.

So what exactly does it mean to be Australian? Is it about the way we talk?

Visitors to our fair shores often comment about how they love our expressions like "no worries'', as it depicts the easy going nature we usually have.

I was watching reruns of The Love Boat on television recently and saw episodes based in Sydney.

There was Delvene Delaney, before her Sale of the Century days, confusing all the crew by talking Australian, using words like bonzer, wowser and billy lids.

While that does sound just like my dad talking, not too many of us talk in good ol' Aussie strine these days.

So is it about what we wear?

Thongs with esky accessories makes an Oz fashion statement.

And I feel real true blue when I have thong tan marks - on my feet that is!

Adorning the Australian flag, whether it be on your body or on your car, makes you pretty patriotic too.

I certainly don't think it makes you racist, just proud.

So is being Aussie more about how we celebrate today?

A public holiday is reason enough for any Aussie to throw one arm in the air while yelling "Oi Oi Oi''.

How many of us will be out there firing up the barbecue and slurping down a cold one in some of Australia's far horizons?

There is just so much to love about our wide, brown land.

And as for that sunburnt country … well it is better than being sunburnt yourself.

So make sure no matter how you celebrate today, slip, slop and slap while you slurp.


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