Chad’s charm hasn’t waned and will be on stage at festival

THERE will be plenty to do and see at this year's Heritage Festival next weekend.

While musician Chad Morgan will take to the stage, there's also a chance to see bush poet Long John Best.

The regular performer at the Tamworth Country Music Festival will take the stage at the Poet's Breakfast.

Both performances require tickets; for more information head to


WHAT: The Rockhampton Heritage Festival

WHERE: Rockhampton Heritage Village

WHEN: May 25, 8.30am to 1.30pm

COST: Entry to the festival is $2, with 14 years and under free

Chad Morgan concert is $18 a person (includes entry to festival) and tickets to the Poet's Breakfast are $15 (includes entry to festival)

IT'S been 61 years since Chad Morgan first took the stage in Rockhampton, and he can't wait to get back to town next weekend.

Chad's no stranger to Rocky, having first performed in 1953, and would grace the Beef Capital with his presence several times after with 'The Chad Morgan Show'.

Chad's been in the music industry his entire life, but his love of music started in his younger days.

"The family was into music and playing instruments," Chad said.

"But there was a radio show in '52 called Australia's Amateur Hour that my mates wanted me to enter.

"Someone dared me to do it, and that's the best way to get me to do anything."

After a recording company heard Chad, his career took off, and that was 62 years ago.

The singer, who includes comedy in songs, said being funny just came naturally when he hit the stage.

And making people laugh is what has kept him going all these years.

"I like the look on people's faces when I'm singing, and you meet so many different people (in this business)," Chad said.

"There's enough sadness in the world and I want to make people laugh."

Chad will hold a concert at the Heritage Festival in Rockhampton on May 25 and is hoping to get the crowd laughing.

"There's an act called The Muirs, a husband and wife singing duo that come on before me," Chad said.

"They settle people in and I come on and upset everyone."

While Chad's well known in Australia, the singer's never taken the plunge and headed overseas, despite the offers.

"I've been asked to go overseas, like Nashville, but I've never gotten around to it," he said.

While Chad expects some familiar faces in the crowd, he is always looking to entertain newcomers to his show.

"Anyone who's seen me knows what to expect, but for those who haven't it'll be a culture shock."

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