Charles ‘deeply hurt’ by Harry’s remarks


Prince Charles wants to "mend the broken relationship" with Prince Harry but remains "deeply hurt" by after his son's Oprah interview, according to a report.

The Prince of Wales came in for some harsh criticism during the tell-all chat, and the 72-year-old reportedly initially wanted to rebut Harry and Meghan's allegations point-by-point.

But, "after much reflection, he also realises that nothing good will come of prolonging the fight," one of Charles' friends told The Mail on Sunday.

"He feels it is time to heal. Now is the time to mend a broken relationship," the friend reportedly said.

"His mood is that of a father, not that of a statesman," the friend told the outlet.


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During the CBS interview with Oprah Winfrey, 36-year-old Harry said he was "hurt" and felt "let down" by his father, admitting it would take a lot of work to heal the relationship.

The Duke of Sussex said his father, 72, stopped taking his calls after he and Meghan decided to leave as working royals, adding that he believed the Prince of Wales had "made his peace" with the "toxic environment" of royal life.

Nonetheless, his father plans to "be in touch" in the coming weeks, "possibly in writing, possibly over a video call," the source told the UK paper.

"The Prince has a real desire to get back to the close relationship that he enjoyed with Harry for the longest time," the friend said.

Charles' wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is comforting him, the source said. "She can see how upset her husband is. She just wants it fixed," said the friend.


Prince Harry told Oprah he felt ‘let down’ by his father. Picture: Screengrab
Prince Harry told Oprah he felt ‘let down’ by his father. Picture: Screengrab

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It comes after another unnamed friend of Prince Charles hit back forcefully, telling The Sunday Times that the Duke of Sussex's money claims didn't add up.

"Harry said his father financially 'cut him off'. What f***ing hypocrisy," the source told the publication.

"When Harry and Meghan left last year, they wanted to become 'financially independent'."

Another "well-placed source" told the UK Telegraph that Charles was "fed up with the constant calls from Harry for more money".

"He ploughed a lot into the wedding and the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage (the couple's Windsor home) and did his utmost to make them feel financially supported but when they said they were upping sticks, they asked for even more," the source said.

"If he was less inclined to take calls, it might be because he didn't want to be treated like a cash dispenser. I think a lot of parents will be able to identify with that."

Harry is also believed to have inherited anywhere between $12.9 million to $18 million from Princess Diana, with The Times also reporting his great-grandmother the Queen Mother left him $5.4 million after her death in 2002.

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