A father faced Rockhampton District Court last week after a violent attack on his own child.
A father faced Rockhampton District Court last week after a violent attack on his own child. Chris Ison ROK270716ccourt2

'Child began gasping for air, her face turned red then pale'

A FATHER who stomped on his four-year-old daughter's chest, stomach and limbs had previously tried to get help saying medication for schizophrenia was not working.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court last week to two counts of choking, one of assault occasioning bodily harm and three common assault.

Crown prosecutor Katie Ziebell said the 26-year-old man became angry at the child for not looking out for cars while crossing a road.

Ms Ziebell said the man told the girl and her mother he was going to hit them both when they got home.

She said when they arrived home, he choked his partner for about 45 seconds before she ell to the floor.

He then grabbed the child by her hair, dragged her into a bedroom and shut the door.

"From the kitchen the (woman) could hear the defendant screaming and the child crying," Ms Ziebell said.

She said he approached the woman in the lounge room, punched her in the mouth and right cheek about six times before returning to the bedroom where he and the child role played crossing the road.

"When the child failed to look left or right, the defendant used an open hand and struck her to the side of the head about nine times," she said.

"The defendant laid the child down on the bed and repeatedly stomped on her chest, stomach and legs with his bare feet."

Ms Ziebell said the child screamed and cried with her mother attempting to intervene by trying to get the defendant to go to the kitchen.

He walked out of the bedroom and stomped on his partner's chest and stomach before returning to stomp on the child again.

"He picked the child up by her hair, placed his hands around her throat and held her above the ground," Ms Zieball said.

"The child began gasping for air. Her face turned red and then pale.

"The defendant walked out of the bedroom while holding the child above the ground."

She said he hit the woman in the head and shoulders, with the child as a weapon, about 10 times. The woman tried to get between the defendant and the child.

"The defendant told her to get a knife and that everything was her fault," Ms Ziebell said.

The defendant took the child with him to rummage through kitchen drawers and the woman ran to a neighbour and called emergency services.

The court heard the defendant gave police multiple excuses for his daughter's injuries, including falling off a trampoline and being kicked by a horse.

The child's injuries included bruises to her forehead, left eye, behind her left jaw, neck, back, abdomen, left upper arm, shoulder, wrist, right thigh and knee, and dry blood in her nose.

Defence barrister Jordan Ahlstrand said the defendant's parents separated when he was young with his father having an alcohol dependency.

He said his client was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, along with schizophrenia.

Mr Ahlstrand said his client began using marijuana when he was 16 and methamphetamines at 22.

"He has no recollection of the offending," he said.

"He was not responding well to his medication.

"Prior to offending, he tried to get advice from mental health about his medication not working."

Judge Michael Burnett said the defendant's response was entirely inappropriate and he had no doubt the defenceless young child was significantly scarred by the incident.

"It would have been a terrifying experience for a young child," Judge Burnett said.

"And a mother listening to their child in distress."

He sentenced the man to 3.75 years in prison, suspended after six months, to be followed by a two-year probation order.

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