Facebook page means Christmas cheer is light switch away

FOR Garrett Wells, Christmas is a time of joy - and frantically arranging a Christmas lights list for locals to get out and about to see the sights.

Garrett runs the Christmas Lights Finder Rockhampton page and he said what began as an idea has snowballed into a page with more than 7000 followers.

"It was a silly little idea to help a few people, and I think this is year number four now," he said.

"Generally it does just what it says it does - it helps people find Christmas lights in and around Rocky.

"The inspiration behind it was really to celebrate more than just the huge ones which were winning the competitions, it's just to say there are so many lovely houses; people who dress their houses up and don't go in the competitions but still deserve some recognition."

Garrett said despite not having kids himself, he loved Christmas lights and said they really got you in the Christmas spirit.

"There are some incredible Christmas light displays, the thing I like most about it is seeing that the community gets behind it," he said.

"One which is apparently great is Walnut Ave - I'm told half of the street is just lights."

With most of Walnut Ave lit up each night, Garrett said it was exactly the spirit he liked to see.

"It's fun - and that's the whole point," he said.

Garrett said an interactive Google map was always a crowd hit but he was not able to take the credit.

"Jared from Glendale Lights does that, I just send him the list and he makes that for us," he said.

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