WHAT do you get when you throw Chuck Norris and a cowboy into a rodeo ring?

A broken nose, a gash worthy of stitches and a night in the emergency ward.

Mackay cowboy Reece Torrisi went head-to-head with Brian Duggan's bucking bull Chuck Norris at the annual Great Western Classic bullride on Saturday night and it was safe to say Chuck came out on top.

The 21-year-old went for a wild ride on the bull before being flung to the ground and stomped on.

Torrisi was taken to hospital with a broken nose and a nasty cut under his eye.

Despite the mishap, Great Western Hotel arena manager Brian Duggan said the Classic event was fantastic.

"The bulls went really well; there were a lot of very rank bulls out there," Duggan said.

"Each of the cowboys had two rides but none of them were able to ride two bulls."

In the bullride standings, Sonny Schafferius reigned supreme and locked in a narrow win on 81 points ahead of Damien Herden who scored 80.

In the Classic, Troy Keliher took the win with his bull, Hillbilly Deluxe, on 46 points.

Hillbilly Deluxe is the son of American bull Little Yellow Jacket, who is well known in the US and is the two-time US champion.

While proving a tough contender, Duggan's bull, Chuck Norris, just missed the top title, finishing second with a score of 45.5.

Duggan praised the local cowboys for their efforts in the ring.

"It was really good to see the young cowboys coming in and having a go," he said.

The next big event on the Rockhampton rodeo calendar is the finals of the Good Guys Young Guns series, which will be held at the Great Western Hotel on December 6.


Great Western Classic

1st Troy Keliher with Hillbilly deluxe score 46

2nd Roundabout rodeo with Chuck Norris score 45.5

tied3/4 Roundabout rodeo with Bubba score 44

Troy Keliher with Coathanger score 44

5th JS Bulls with Soft copy score 42.5

Great Western Futurity

1st Warrick Kime with Devil Diamond score 45

2nd Fred Klier with score 43.5

3rd Tony Dunne with score 42

tied4/5 Tony Dunne with score 41.5

Damien Herden with score 41.5


1st Sonny Schafferius 81 pts

2nd Damien Herden 80 pt

3rd Ken Hyland 76 pts

4th Ashley Black 72

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