Cleaner by day, author of steamy romance novels by night

Author Jenny Gilligan has penned a
Author Jenny Gilligan has penned a "steamy" e-book. Contributed

BY DAY she is a cleaner but at night Toowoomba's Jenny Gilligan stows her broom and mop and writes romance novels.

Ms Gilligan's latest novel, A Man For All Seasons, will be published as an e-book through the publishing house Steam e Reads.

"I consider myself very lucky to be in the industry at the moment," she said.

The novel A Man For All Seasons.
The novel A Man For All Seasons.

"The e-book phenomenon is creating lots of new opportunities for writers like me. I feel very fortunate because it is very difficult to get published."

A Man for All Seasons tells the story of an Australian man who travels to England on a business trip.

While there he becomes "distracted" by a very sweet dressage rider.

"The novel is about their journey together," Ms Gilligan said.

The self-confessed "vivacious reader", Ms Gilligan began writing after a back injury left her in traction and bored.

"I never considered writing anything until six years ago," she said.

Ms Gilligan has gone to write "12 or 13" stories using the surrounds of her adopted country as inspiration.

"I came to Australia in 1985 on an impromptu holiday and I never left," the Brit said.

A Man For All Season is published under Ms Gilligan's pen name, Jenny Brigalow, and will be available to download soon from

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