Claw hammer used in brutal home assault

THE trial of two men accused of bashing another man with a hammer began today in the Rockhampton District Court.

George Joseph Thomas Swadling and Brendan James Zemek pleaded not guilty to the assault of David Glass in his Depot Hill home.

This morning the 12 person jury was selected, briefed and then this afternoon had a viewing of the property of East St where the assault allegedly took place.

Prior to the viewing, Mr Glass was called to the stand to give his account of what happened on August 2, 2015.

Mr Glass told the court he had been sleeping in the afternoon and was making a coffee when he heard noises out the front.

Through his kitchen window, Mr Glass recognised Swadling, who he knew.

"They were calling me out for a fight," Glass told the court. "One of them said 'I will chop your head off'."

The court heard Mr Glass armed himself with a claw hammer and admitted he swung first. His described how the blow was blocked, the hammer seized. He then said he was struck on the head (with the hammer) by Swadling and placed in a choker hold by Zemek.

"I took one step, swung the hammer, but didn't have a chance... they were too quick," he said.

"I don't remember how many times I was hit. But I blacked out. I woke up and Swadling was hitting my knees with the hammer."

Mr Glass said he sustained a "big egg on his forehead", swollen parts of his head and a 3cm laceration to his right elbow.

The court and jury heard witness statements from neighbours who were on the scene.

One resident who saw the assault take place said Mr Glass was swiftly disarmed and struck. The resident rushed inside to call the police.

Another resident was standing on top of the stairs with an unobstructed view. The resident saw Mr Glass on the ground in the choker hold.

"The assault didn't happen once, but multiple times," the court heard.

"At some point Mr Glass was let go and he managed to crawl back inside on his hands and knees and lean up against a wall.

"Swadling came in after and said 'that's what you cop when you come out with a hammer'.

"Swadling then took his sunglasses and phone."

That same resident said they saw the pair leave the premises joking and laughing before they were promptly intercepted and arrested by police.

The trial continues Tuesday.

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