Capricorn Claws beat the Steelcats away

THE CAPRICORN Claws had a much-needed away win in Brisbane yesterday morning, defeating the Magnetic North Steelcats convincingly 59-33.

According to Claws coach Katrina Whitham, the girls took a while to find their rhythm, but once they did, were dominant, shutting down the Steelcats shooters while allowing Claws' goal shooters Karen Therick and captain Kira-Lee free rein in the circle.

"The girls were slow to start," Whitham said.

"But we really picked up our intensity in the second half. We put more pressure on the ball and really started to frustrate the Steelcats' ability to get the ball into the circle."

Rebecca Hall played her first game for the Claws, coming on in the second half and despite her obvious nerves she made an impact.

"It was Bec's first game for the Claws and she was nervous," Whitham said.

"I've never seen her so nervous but she played well for us in the second half and made three intercepts."

Another Claws player to shine was Diane Tummon, her defensive work instrumental in shutting down the Steelcats ability to score.

"Diane was our workhorse," Whitham said.

"In our circle she was shutting down their shooters and the pressure she applied made the Steelcats anxious about feeding it into the circle because Diane was all over them."

After six years with the Claws and then semi-retiring at the end of last season, Claws stalwart Carmen Anderson returned to help steer the Claws to victory.

"Carmen's experience was invaluable to the team, especially some of the younger girls and it was great to have her back to help out," Whitham said.

But it was in the Steelcats goal circle that the Claws reigned supreme.

"Karen was drawing the defence out of the goal circle for Kira-Lee to score," Whitham said.

And score they did, the three attackers hitting good percentages. Kira-Lee was outstanding, shooting 41 goals from 51 attempts at 80 per cent while Therick was not far behind with 73 per cent and Tia Konui shot at 67 per cent. Overall, the Claws shot at 73 per cent.

"The travel takes it out of the girls," Whitham said.

"They get a bit fatigued. It will be a light training this week, because despite the win the girls are a bit sore and sorry."

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