SOUTH-EAST Queensland trucking company Nolan's Interstate Transport has shared a dashcam video of a very close call. 

The video, shared on the transport outfit's Facebook page, shows long-time employee Paul making his regular run in his Volvo when the incident happened around the Olympic Park area of Sydney. 

The footage show's Paul's lightning-fast reflexes when a small white car appears to not see the truck and drive out into an intersection right in front of him. 

Nolan's Interstate Transport director Darren Nolan said drivers were always faced with these confronting situations and it was "just a day in the life of someone driving a truck". 

"No one was injured and there were no damages to the truck, this was more just a way to illustrate how quickly things can escalate and how simple things can happen," he said. 

"It's not always the driver's fault." 

The video attracted many comments about how close the near miss was and congratulated the driver on his skills at avoiding a crash. 

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