Bundaberg court house
Bundaberg court house

Co-accused in ‘Grand Theft Auto’ style abduction is jailed

A MAN who was the co-accused of a Grand Theft Auto style abduction has been jailed after facing court.

Joshua Luke Moras pleaded guilty to a number of offences including assault occasioning bodily harm in Bundaberg District Court on Thursday.

Crown prosecutor Steven Dickson told the court Moras was the co-accused to Sam Skillington who was sentenced in the January sittings.

On March 28, Moras, Skillington and another co-accused, who is still unlawfully at large, abducted a man for money in a case of mistaken identity.

Mr Dickson told the court Moras was following Skillington and the complainant in a car when they were driving towards Childers.

He said the complainant was blindfolded and his hands were bound and he was taken to a property near Childers.

At the property, the victim was taken out of the car and was punched multiple times to the head before falling to the ground.

The court heard the man was punched more times to the head before curling into a ball.

Mr Dickson said Moras and another person kicked the man several times.

The victim then yelled 'that's enough' before hearing Moras and the other person get into their vehicle and leave.

Mr Dickson said the man was scared the pair would come back and kill him.

The man managed to take off the blindfold and walk to get help.

Moras had been on remand awaiting sentencing and had no declarable presentence custody because his parole was suspended.

Mr Dickson said Moras received his first term of imprisonment in 2017.

He said Moras was also dealt with in the Bundaberg District Court in 2018 after he acted as a look-out in a robbery with his brother.

Moras's barrister Nick Larter told the court his client had gotten himself in to a "very serious predicament" and had been behind bars for almost 12 months.

Mr Larter said Moras became addicted to drugs at the age of 13.

He said since being in custody, Moras had completed two drug courses to help him get off of them.

Mr Larter said Moras also had three children with his former partner.

Judge Vicki Loury took into account Moras's plea of guilty and the fact the offences were committed while Moras was on parole.

She also took into account the Moras's role in the offending.

"He (the victim) was moved into the car you were in, driven somewhere and was punched in the head and punched and kicked on the ground," she said.

"He sustained some injuries, most particularly he sustained a three and a half centimetre laceration over his forehead.

"Perhaps most seriously though is the fact he thought he was going to be killed - which is unsurprising given that he was abducted and detained for a lengthy period of time."

Judge Loury gave Moras a stern warning about the messages his lifestyle would pass on to his children.

"You are a single man with two daughters and a son, those children need a dad in their lives," she said.

"It does them no good, knowing their dad is in jail.

"Your drug addiction began at the age of 13, your kids are not far off that age … this is not the life you want for them.

"The way you are living life is a selfish one."

Moras received a head sentence of three years imprisonment.

He will be eligible for parole on September 17.

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