John Harbin.
John Harbin. Contributed

Coaches happy with outcome

John Harbin - CQ Capras coach

"The Invitation team put a lot of pressure on us and made life difficult," he said.

"However, we achieved what we wanted to from a trial.

"Dave McLellan and Josh Tanner impressed, while Tim Glasby was given limited minutes."

However, Harbin looked elsewhere for his best on park.

"Reece Baker was by far the man of the match. I can't fault him - he has been spot-on."

Harbin said people watching the game might have wondered why some of the players in the Invitation squad were not in the Capras team.

"To play Queensland Cup you need more than just ability," he said.

Some had been given the opportunity to train with the Capras but did not turn up regularly, ruling themselves out of contention.

"The squad at the moment has a great attitude. They all turned out at 8.30am for the recovery session," he said.

"The difficulty at this level is that you have to pick players you think you will have for the full 22 weeks.

"You have to look for the players who will put the team first and make (personal) sacrifices.

"We are prepared to go through rough times to establish that foundation."

While happy with the size of the crowd for the game, Harbin is already disappointed by the negativity of some supporters of the home team.

"There are some who would boo Santa Claus at Christmas," he said.


Justin Loomans - CQ Invitation team coach

"The boys did themselves proud. With five minutes to go we were only four points behind," he said.

"Our defence did well because in the first half we only had about 30% possession and not much more in the second.

"The match proved there are a lot of talented players in CQ.

"The match was for the fringe players' benefit, a chance to step up," he said.

"When you play against your opposite number, you have to try to prove that maybe you should be in there."

The Invitation team didn't hold back, Loomans said.

"We went into the game thinking we could win it," he said.

One of the players to impress Loomans was winger Anthony Raymond.

"You can't coach speed and he showed that with his (intercept) try," he said.

Loomans also named Chris Saunders, Rhys Chapman, Manz Ronga and Sione Tonga as top performers.

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