Coast teen hit by van 'may never be same boy again'

Left, athletic Kaleb loved sport, and right, Kaleb in a coma in hospital.
Left, athletic Kaleb loved sport, and right, Kaleb in a coma in hospital.

THE mother of a 13-year-old boy hit by a van on Beckmans Rd has spoken of her family's heartache as they wait for their son to wake up.

Katrina Davis' son Kaleb Davis has been in a coma since the incident on Friday, August 25, and she said it's unknown whether Kaleb will ever be the same boy again.

"He hasn't woken up yet," Mrs Davis said.

"We don't have one (an outlook) yet. The doctors can't even tell me.

"The only thing he's doing on his own is breathing."

Kaleb was attempting to cross the busy Noosaville road near Noosaville State School about 12.30pm when he was struck by a van travelling eastbound.

He suffered serious injuries including a head injury, and was airlifted to Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in a critical but stable condition.

While doctors reported Kaleb's injuries were no longer considered life- threatening the next day, it is uncertain if he will make a full recovery.

"We unfortunately have no idea on Kaleb's recovery," Mrs Davis said.

"He hasn't sat up, he hasn't done anything that he normally would do.

"We don't want his friends and family to think he's fine, because he's not.

"To put it in perspective, we're staying at the Ronald McDonald house and they've extended our stay for a year."

Mrs Davis said Kaleb, a student at Sunshine Beach High School, loved playing sport and "has a heart of gold".

"Kaleb was rookie of the year last year for his football club," she said.

"He was extremely fit, extremely energetic, he won all of his athletics.

"He's the little boy that if he sees someone standing, he will get up and let them sit.

"If he sees them carrying their shopping, he will run across the road and carry it for them.

"He is extremely close to his older sister Mekayla as well as his little sister Joslyn."

Mrs Davis has created a Gofundme to help take pressure off her family as they wait out Kaleb's prognosis.

"August 25th, 2017 was a horrible day for our family," Mrs Davis posted on the gofundme page.

"Our beautiful boy Kaleb was hit by a van on Beckmans Rd Noosaville.

"Kaleb had an amazing trauma team of paramedics, police and (LifeFlight) that transported him via chopper with his dad to (hospital).

"If you can help in even the smallest way we would appreciate it, so we can bring Kaleb home when he is ready and give him what he needs."

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