Coca-Cola and petty theft addiction in court

IT WAS a Coca-Cola addiction and a taste for theft that saw Rockhampton's Clifford Andrew Sabin go on a stealing spree in Rockhampton.

The 50-year-old, who stole women's wallets from their bags and four bottles of coke from a local service station, pleaded guilty to two counts of stealing, two counts of entering a premises and one count of possessing utensils, in Rockhampton's Magistrate court on Monday.

The court heard Sabin rode his pushbike to a business in Wandal on June 10 at 2pm where he stole the shop owner's wallet from her handbag.

"The business owner knew Sabin and left the store unattended for a short time to get a coffee," Prosecutor Clancy Fox told the court.

"She then saw Sabin leaving the business holding something to his chest. She noticed her (wallet) was missing and called police.

"Police located Sabin with the purse and discovered he'd spent $65 of the woman's money on alcohol."

The court heard Sabin also stole another wallet from the Oxford Hotel.

He was spotted on the hotel's CCTV footage entering through an unsecured door and stealing a wallet out of a handbag. It was later found he had stolen $100.

On July 1 Sabin entered the Caltex on Williams St and stole four bottles of 1.25ml Coca-Cola. Mr Fox told the court police went to his address after the service station attendant described Sabin.

Duty lawyer Shayne Studdert told the court Sabin admitted to having a Coca-Cola addiction and these were "implosive and opportunistic offences."

Sabin was sentenced to three months imprisonment wholly suspended and three months parole for a previous suspended sentence from March for similar offences.

He was also fined $300 for possession of utensils and ordered to pay back the $65 and $100.

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