Pies forward Mo Hope. Picture: Jay Town
Pies forward Mo Hope. Picture: Jay Town

‘Time to adapt’ Pies explain Hope omission

MO Hope has been sensationally dropped by Collingwood for round two of AFLW02.

The 29-year-old will not travel to Perth for the team's second round clash with Fremantle that will be played in front of a record female football crowd at Perth Stadium.

Pies assistant coach Daniel Harford said she simply hadn't performed to the required standard.

The game has changed, he said, and she had to change with it.

"She's got to adapt. She's got to adapt to the game and play the different roles," Harford said.

"The bear in the square ... that's not going to last in AFLW. Teams will find a way to combat that, like they did last year.

"That's the challenge for all the players - to have flexibility and some adaptability in their game to be able to not just be a one-trick player.

"You've got to have more to your bow."

Harford said it took three meetings to settle on the team before coach Wayne Siekman - who will speak later this morning - delivered the bad news.

"She trained really well last night after being told earlier in the evening," he said on RSN.

"I think she's taken it OK.

"She's a survivor, so I have every faith in her to be able to find another way, craft another version of herself from a football perspective and be back and better than ever.

"She's an immense talent. But we just haven't got the best out of her at this stage."

Hope, 29, recorded six disposals, one tackle and one mark against Carlton in last Friday night's eight-point loss and pressure mounted on her position in the team.

She lost eight kilograms before the AFL02 preseason began and it was said that she would spend more time in the midfield this season.

Reports emerged on Wednesday morning that she had been told she was omitted from the Magpies team - which were denied by Collingwood - with the forward later posting a cryptic quote on Instagram.

Mo Hope won’t head west with the Magpies. Pic: Getty Images
Mo Hope won’t head west with the Magpies. Pic: Getty Images

"She wasn't afraid to be herself," it read.

"When everybody said 'be a lamb', she showed her fangs, and became a wolf."

Other team news for Collingwood saw rookie Holly Whitford named to make her debut, while Jess Duffin has been reinstalled after her late withdrawal last week.

Forward Sarah D'Arcy is out as she serves a two-week ban for kicking, with Lauren Tesoriero and Tara Morgan into the team.

Hope was not the only surprise omission for round 2.

Carlton vice-captain Lauren Arnell was omitted alongside Natalie Plane and Kate Gillespie-Jones, with the trio replaced by Reni Hicks, Sarah Last and Tilly Lucas-Rodd.

The Blues will be coached by assistant Nick Rutley after senior coach Damien Keeping was hospitalised this week.

Carlton midfielder Gab Pound said the first interstate trip for the season had not affected her preparation.

"It's the same really," she told the club website.

Lauren Arnell (left) chases Chloe Molloy in the season opener. Pic: Getty Images
Lauren Arnell (left) chases Chloe Molloy in the season opener. Pic: Getty Images

"You do have that travel which gives you more time to think about the game and more time to hang out with the girls, but I think about it as the same as any other game.

"I recovered well from last week's game and I'm good to go."

The Western Bulldogs yesterday upgraded Kimberley Rennie to the primary list to replace the injured Daria Bannister who suffered a season-ending ACL injury last weekend.

Melbourne - which will take on Brisbane - has named star midfielder Karen Paxman after she was forced from the field with an apparent back issue in the first quarter of last weekend's win over Greater Western Sydney.



Greater Western Sydney v Carlton at Drummoyne Oval, 7.05pm AEDT


B: M. Boyd 25, T. Hetherington 9, P. Randall 21

HB: N. Barr 8, E. Brush 10, R. Forth 27

C: A. Eva 2

HF: J. Dal Pos 7, P. McWilliams 3, A. Farrugia 18

F: J. Barclay 34, C. Staunton 13, R. Beeson 6

Foll: E. McKinnon 23, C. Gum 26, E. Swanson 17

I/C: E. Bennetts 22, R. Tomkins 1, P. Monahan 28, A. Schmidt 11, B. Tully 16

Emg: M. Freckelton 20 R. Privitelli 19

In: E. Swanson, R. Tomkins, P. Monahan, A. Schmidt

Out: L. Stephenson, R. Privitelli, J. Hicks, M. Collier


B: R. Hicks 24, D. Hardiman 31, T. Lucas-Rodd 18

HB: G. Pound 6, A. Downie 30, B. Davey 1

C: S. Audley 26

HF: T. Harris 22, K. Harrington 9, N. Stevens 21

F: G. Gee 19, D. Vescio 3, S. Li 35

Foll: K. Shierlaw 25, S. Hosking 10, L. Brazzale 12

I/C: M. Gay 8, S. Last 7, B. Moody 16, J. Hosking 11, K. Loynes 2

Emg: K. Gillespie-Jones 5, N. Plane 32

In: R. Hicks, T. Lucas-Rodd, S. Last

Out: K. Gillespie-Jones, L. Arnell, N. Plane

As expected, Erin Phillips is still missing for the Crows. Picture Sarah Reed
As expected, Erin Phillips is still missing for the Crows. Picture Sarah Reed


Melbourne v Adelaide at Casey Fields, 5.05pm AEDT


B: M. Downie 2, L. Duryea 11, B. Jakobsson 7

HB: J. Grierson 19, K. Smith 13, E.O'Dea 5

C: M. Hickey 18

HF: S. Scott 12, K. Hore 10, C. Phillips 35

F: A. Newman 16, T. Cunningham 1, L. Mithen 14

Foll: E. Hoare 46, K. Paxman 4, D. Pearce 6

I/C: R. Cranston 30, E. Humphries 3, A. Guest 17, A. Mifsud 9, L. Pearce 15

Emg: B. Patterson 24, H. Cordner 21

In: A. Mifsud

Out: M. Guerin


B: S. Thompson 14, S. Allan 39, D. Cox 31

HB: A. Foley 3, T. Radan 6, A. Holmes 1

C: E. Marinoff 10

HF: R. Lugg 45, J. Sedunary 17, D. Varnhagen 9

F: J. Hewett 20, S. Perkins 28, E. Jones 2

Foll: R. Metcalfe 11, G. Bevan 4, C. Randall 26

I/C: S. Riley 8, J. Allan 25, R. Wallace 15, J. Mules 23, J. McCormick 5

Emg: M. Rajcic 32, S. Armitstead 16

In: A. Holmes, J. McCormick

Out: A. Hatchard (injured), S. Armitstead

Fremantle v Collingwood at Optus Stadium, 4.10pm AWST


B: H. Miller 19, A. Williams 9, E. Gooch 8

HB: A. Sharp 1, C. Davidson 33, G.O'Sullivan 22

C: D. Hooker 17

HF: L. Webb 16, A. Lavell 7, E. Antonio 12

F: M. Caulfield 29, S. Barr 10, A. Atkins 37

Foll: A. Janz 30, S. Cain 20, K. Donnellan 15

I/C: B. Smith 18, G. Houghton 27, L. Mascall 14, J. White 11, B. Green 3

Emg: T. Haynes 6, T. McAuliffe 25

In: L. Webb, G. Houghton

Out: T. Haynes, L. Filocamo


B: C. McIntosh 20, I. Ross 21, E. Grant 5

HB: C. Molloy 2, S. Livingstone 12, C. Edwards 1

C: B. Bonnici 8

HF: C. Bernardi 6, J. Duffin 27, S. Chiocci - C 17

F: L. Tesoriero 7, J. Garner 43, M. Kuys 9

Foll: E. King 60, J. Lambert 13, A. Barden 38

I/C: H. Whitford 28, E. Hynes 11, S. Casey 22, T. Morgan 26, B. White 33

Emg: R. Schleicher 18, K. Stratton 41

In: J. Duffin, L. Tesoriero, H. Whitford, T. Morgan

Out: M. Hope, S.D'Arcy (suspension), R. Schleicher, S. Dargan


As expected, Erin Phillips is still missing for the Crows. Picture Sarah Reed
As expected, Erin Phillips is still missing for the Crows. Picture Sarah Reed



Brisbane v Western Bulldogs, South Pine Sports Complex 3.35pm AEST


B: N. Hildebrand 22, S. Campbell 20, N. Exon 15

HB: K. Ashmore 10, L. Kaslar 11, B. Koenen 3

C: E. Zielke 8

HF: K. Lutkins 13, T. Randall 16, K. McCarthy 9

F: J. Wuetschner 23, S. Frederick-Traub 14, B. Gibson 25

Foll: S. Webb 4, E. Bates 1, J. Stanton 17

I/C: A. Anderson 18, A. Clarke 21, G. Collingwood 28, S. Conway 12, J. Zanchetta 7, M Hunt 6, I. Ayre 2

In: N. Exon, I. Ayre



B: L. Birch 18, L. Spark 11, N. Callinan 10

HB: H. Scott 22, B. Toogood 28, B. Lochland 1

C: E. Blackburn 2

HF: J. Bruton 35, K. Brennan 3, M. Conti 8

F: D. Berry 7, I. Huntington 9, N. Ferres 16

Foll: A.O'Connor 4, E. Kearney 5, K. Lamb 27

I/C: T. Ernst 19, K. Rennie 24, A. Utri 23, A. Gogos 36, B. Hunt 21, E. Mackie 25, H. Wildes 17

In: K. Rennie, B. Hunt, H. Wildes

Out: D. Bannister (knee)

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