WHICH WAY: Colts' Tui Luva in action on the weekend.
WHICH WAY: Colts' Tui Luva in action on the weekend. Allan Reinikka ROK280419arugby4

Colts and Drovers take out wins on the weekend

RUGBY UNION: Dawson Valley Drovers were too hard to beat on Saturday, with Mount Morgan unable to match their synchronised outfit.

Drovers won the match 40-14 at Moura.

Mt Morgan Rugby Union president Wayne Alden said despite his team's improvement since their last bout before Anzac weekend break, Drovers were still "better across the park”.

"They had better training and were fitter and knew what they were doing a lot more than us,” he said.

"They had bigger forwards than us in general, our forward attack is pretty small and they've got big guys who are fit and know how to run the ball.

"They have a couple of guys in the back who are very fast and elusive and know how to break a tackle and make the try line.

"Overall, their team was really well synced up together and in a good place.”

Alden said the break had done Mt Morgan good and the team were better together.

"They were in the game a lot longer,” he said.

"By the end of the first half in the last game, we were sort of out of it and not looking like part of the game, whereas in this game, right up until the last quarter we were looking like part of the game.

"We were defending well and tackling well enough, just Dawson were that much better.”

Alden complimented Nathan O'Brien on the back line and forwards Wade McEffer, Patrick Fortesque and Jerry Barney for good efforts.

"They were just making the tackles and some good runs and making some metres,” he said.

"Nathan does a lot to organise in the back line and we were missing him in the last game. We looked very disorganised without him and having him keeps up organised and keeps the talk up.

"The forwards were just doing their job, making the tackles, helping out and getting to the break down.”

Looking towards the decider at the end of June, when the top teams will go on to the A-grade part of the season, Alden said Drovers and Brothers would be most likely to place.

"Dawson are going to be the team to beat definitely,” he said.

"Brothers A-grade have been performing pretty well and although we haven't played them yet, but looking at their scores, they're doing quite well.

"I'm not sure about Frenchville. They've been winning but the game I saw was not as impressive as Drovers'.”

Next week, Mt Morgan will go up against Frenchville 1.

"We will be just concentrating on fixing up things we could've done better against Dawson,” Alden said.

"We're trying to get more fitness in and become more connected in the forward, because a lot of the times when we got the ball, it was too disjointed.

"We need to stick together and work together, and work on our scrums and line-outs.”

Colts also defeated Brothers 2 at Knutley Park.

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