Charming & Alarming visits Mackay

KITTY Flanagan got her first laugh when she was in Year 5, during a class performance of Alice in Wonderland.

“It was an Alice in Wonderland magical choir group and I thought I'll dress up as the bunny.

“During the performance I was pretending to fall asleep and I was getting a lot of laughs.

“I remember after the show the choir conductor took me aside and gave me a serve and I would have done it again because I became addicted to the laughs.

“How boring are school productions? I was at one of my nephew's and they are so tedious,” she said.

Ms Flanagan, left, will be in Mackay as part of the Charming and Alarming solo show next month after travelling for the past eight years to some of the big comedy festivals including Edinburgh, Montreal and Aspen.

“It is only the gold stuff. We have sifted out all the rubbish,” she said

Joining her on stage will be her sister Penny, who will perform several songs including a couple about underpants.

“When you are on the road in England doing the comedy circuit, you spend a lot of the year travelling in a string of towns, so it is really nice to have her with me.”

She had not needed to sweet talk her sister into coming on tour with her, she said. “She has three kids – she couldn't wait to get out of the house.”

Charming and Alarming promises to be a fast paced evening of cracking stories, skilful characterisations, hard laughs and a little bit of musical spectacle.

Ms Flanagan describes her comedy as “a little bit oowah”, which is to say people often laugh then say, “Oowah, did she really say that?”

She has also been a regular on the 7pm Project on Network 10, as a Sydney correspondent for two minutes each week.

“Being on the 7pm Project people know your style comedy, however, it is very different to a comedy club where you are a bit of an unknown and you walk out and say here I am, I'm funny, please like me, like me.

“I have to be quite prepared for two minutes... normally I just flap about but I have two minutes and I have to be funny – I do work hard for two minutes of comedy,” she joked.

Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre Friday June 24 for tickets phone 4961 9777 or

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