Australian comedian Joel Creasey is sure to bring out the best in the celebrities he’s interviewing as part of a new series of interviews this week.
Australian comedian Joel Creasey is sure to bring out the best in the celebrities he’s interviewing as part of a new series of interviews this week.

Comedian's latest celebrity interviewing venture

For many of us, the coronavirus pandemic has provided the ideal opportunity to improve ourselves and broaden our horizons.

But Australian comedian Joel Creasey admits he has managed to do the complete opposite in self-isolation. If anything, he is actually perfected the art of downskilling.

"I have not reorganised anything, I have not reconnected with old friends. I've had some really drawn out, petty arguments with my partner. I've rediscovered my passion for Burger Rings, I reckon I've had a packet every day and I'm re-watching Game of Thrones," Creasey told Hibernation.

"So a lot of people are going to come out of isolation having made progress. I think I've probably taken a step back."

Thankfully, the actor, TV presenter and former I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! star has found a new outlet for his comedic talents.

He has teamed up with GQ Australia magazine to host GQ Live! with Joel Creasey, a weekly series of fun Instagram live interviews with celebrities about life in isolation, what they have been up to and how they have been entertaining themselves.

First up in the series - which kicks off on Wednesday at 1pm on GQ's own Instagram account (@gqaustralia) - is Australian singer Cody Simpson, live from Nashville, US.

"I'm thrilled about Cody, he's awesome and I was hooked on The Masked Singer last year as well," Creasey said.

"It's going to be something different, something super chill and something you can watch on your phone and it's live so anything could happen, it could be very loose.

"I still can't believe they're (GQ) trusting me with the log-in details to their Instagram account."

Other big-name guests already locked in for future episodes include Australian Survivor winner David Genat, Aussie funnywoman Julia Morris, former deputy PM Julie Bishop and rising Aussie singer Ruel.

"I'm going to chat to a whole bunch of very stylish superstars every Wednesday," Creasey said.


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"When you turn on the TV every second program is in-depth on the coronavirus, everything's so heavy. But these Insta chats will be very light-hearted and escapist.

"Down the track I'd love to talk to Lisa Rinna from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she's one of the queens of Instagram. She's so funny on there.

"I just find her hilarious so I would love to virtually meet her and I feel like I can use GQ as my 'in' at the moment."

The new chat series is a welcome distraction for the popular funnyman, who has been in lockdown in Melbourne with his partner, personal trainer Jack Stratton-Smith.

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Whew! What a week! Not sure where to begin. On Monday I had a conversation with the toaster about where the rolling pin has gone. Came to the conclusion we don’t own a rolling pin. Toaster was very little help. Have spoken in multiple made up languages to Jack all week. Normally he’d go “what are you talking about?” but he has just been communicating back the same way and honestly it’s working quite well. Have choreographed several impromptu dance routines and performed them to Jack and the kitchen appliances. Toaster is a tough crowd. Spent an hour in the pantry reenacting ‘Panic Room’ on Wednesday. Jack was Jodi Foster, I was Kristen Stewart and toaster was Forrest Whittaker. I awarded myself an Oscar and the rest of the cast weren’t pleased. Lucky we had the argument in one of our new dialects so can’t be entirely certain if they were actually angry or not and am not going to investigate further. Have stared at a coffee mug sitting on my bedside table for 3 days now. Thought I’d practice my ‘Secret World of Alex Mack’ telekenesis skills to see if I could make it disappear. Didn’t work but haven’t given up yet. Have seen Jack giving me a similar look the past few days. Not too concerned as I have a new dance routine prepared for this afternoon. Anyway I’ll update you with more breaking news as it happens but I am quite happily losing my mind at home in isolation to help our frontline workers. Here is a photo of me on the couch with a migraine on Thursday (hence the sunnies AND eye mask). Zero sympathy from toaster. (Also yes this is my Sarah Palin bed shirt. I collect Presidential campaign shirts).

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Like all comedians, Creasey thrives being on stage but COVID-19 has "wiped clean" his touring schedule, while a trip to Rotterdam to co-host Australia's coverage of Eurovision Song Contest has also been cancelled.

"Normally I would have landed in Europe today (Monday) to host Eurovision so yeah, for me, the timing could not be worse," he said.

"I'm missing performing so much, it's been a massive adjustment. For comics, stand-up is our therapy. We always joke that stand-up comedy is therapy that we get paid for … just that ability to rant to an audience for 90 minutes a night.

"But you know, it's pretty s---ty for everyone I guess."

He is still finding plenty of ways to keep busy; next week, he will co-host a week-long festival of Eurovision with Myf Warhurst which will air on SBS called Big Night In!

Starting on May 10, it will showcase this year's acts from all competing nations, including Australia.

"It's the next best thing to being in Europe," he said.

"Getting out of the house and working and doing anything with one of my best mates in Myf, I'm thrilled.

"I'm going to wear everything I own cause I'll just be stoked to be anywhere that's not my lounge room."

Creasey will also feature on Amazon Prime's upcoming original TV series, LOL: Last One Laughing, competing against fellow comedians such as Frank Woodley, Sam Simmons, Ed Kavalee and Nazeem Hussain.

The aim: to make each other laugh first with the last one standing deemed the winner and taking home $100,000 prize money.

"This time has been a huge adjustment for all of us in the industry but we've all been pivoting and we're all learning," Creasey said.

"Fingers crossed, we're able to get out and about and perform again.''



"I want to tell Cody that I once sat just across the aisle from him on a flight home from LA.

"This was quite a few years ago … and he was so polite to every flight attendant.

"This was when he was really blowing up and he was just so kind so I like to call out good behaviour when I see it so I'll be letting him know.

"I'm also a huge Miley Cyrus fan so I'm hoping to find out all the goss when I chat to him."


"I'm just going to stare at him. He played a great game on Australian Survivor and that just hit the TV screens as we were going into isolation.

"I've got a lot of questions about Survivor because I've done I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! and I always talk about how hard it was … so I'm going to see if there are any similarities between the shows."


"She's a very old, dear friend of mine. I grew up just loving Julia's stand-up and I also just love her fashion so I want to ask Julia about her many iconic looks … she's changed them many times.

"She's one of the funniest people and one of the reasons I do stand-up."


"All I want to know is the red shoes she wore on her last day in parliament, I want to know all about it.

"She really knows all about fashion. She's great fun, I've had many a night out with her and she's just up for it, she's a really funny, cool person.

"I'll be probing her for some stories but she's a former deputy leader of the Liberal Party, I don't think she's going to find my questions particularly tough."


"Ruel's just 17 so I just want some tips on how I transcend and become a global superstar like he is at the moment - from someone 13 years younger than me!"

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