Community consultation shapes plans for riverbank

COMMUNITY consultation and design workshops have shaped 12 weeks of design development perfecting the Rockhampton riverbank redevelopment plans.

Developers Urbis claimed the proposed playground would be "North Queensland's best". Changes to the plans include;

An engaging, exciting, safe and protected multi-age play area that maximises the use of landform, tree retention, solar orientation (shade), flood mitigation (easy removal and re-installation) and robustness

Six to eight metre high sky cabins will be linked by a series of elevated gangways

Climbing nets and slides will provide access and egress points all under the cover of extensive shade sails and existing mature and new shade trees

Dedicated age group play areas with state-of-the-art, never before used in Australia, play equipment will ensure children of all ages are catered for in a safe and protected environment while providing ample seating and areas for parent or guardian passive surveillance

New furniture elements including a custom bar stool that will be located throughout the second stage for relaxed and informal gatherings

The deletion of water pop-jets and cascades from the central sculptural terraces with a new and improved flat pop-jet plaza and water wall

Proposed and adopted changes have increased public safety markedly, while also creating a better long-term robust outcome under flood conditions for the city without diminishing the 'fun' aspect for people of all ages

The new layout of the pop-jets in conjunction with the water wall will allow for a symphony of water, lights and music to be appreciated at night time and on special occasions

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