Community events need fresh blood

WITHOUT volunteers the Capricorn Coast would be in a dire state.

There would be no Festival of the Wind or Oktoberfest, no Village Festival, no weekend sport and no cheap feeds at fundraisers.

But the sad fact is the well of volunteers has almost run dry.

Community groups and sporting clubs are concerned whether new volunteers will replace the old guard.

Member for Keppel Paul Hoolihan launched a new campaign to connect willing volunteers with community groups needing their help.

"I regularly come into contact with community organisations that are in desperate need of new members, while at the same time I meet people who are looking for a meaningful way to contribute to their community," Mr Hoolihan said.

Set up as a kind of "dating service for volunteers", the new website would help partner volunteers with organisations needing their help. It would make contacting the group as easy as picking up the phone.

The website would list volunteer organisations, information about the role of a volunteer in the group, and contact details.

"Our region shares a wealth of generosity and I know there are a vast range of people throughout the community who would be willing to give up some time to contribute," Mr Hoolihan said.

"From one hour to a few days a week, every contribution makes a wonderful difference to those we help.

"I encourage all local community groups interested in reaching out to find new members and volunteers to visit and sign up.''