Clive Palmer says he'll struggle to find time to write a submission for the inquiry into the state government.
Clive Palmer says he'll struggle to find time to write a submission for the inquiry into the state government. Warren Lynam

Complaints about govt will take Palmer 'til Xmas' to write

GETTING re-elected is not a big deal for Clive Palmer.

But he is concerned that a submission on the Queensland Government, for an inquiry he sought, would take him until Christmas to write.

In a press conference, where he quoted Abraham Lincoln and William Shakespeare, Mr Palmer said he was not concerned about winning his seat at the next election.

The Fairfax MP said he was not worried about his credibility if the Senate inquiry failed to find any dirt on the LNP government.

"Well my credibility is not what matters," he said.

"Whether I get re-elected to parliament doesn't really bother me.

"It's not really important.

"What really matters are the issues that we're facing and we could have answers.

"If I lose my credibility? So be it."

The LNP, which has pointed to Mr Palmer's public falling out with the party, has slammed the Palmer United Party-driven inquiry into the Queensland Government.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney this week said Mr Palmer was "hellbent on revenge."

However Mr Palmer has denied the inquiry is personally motivated, pointing to the fact he was not in the Senate.

He defended what he dubbed the "Lazarus inquiry", claiming "most Queenslanders want to make a complaint" about the LNP government's actions.

"The Newman government has an unprecedented majority in the house, a very weak opposition, and it doesn't have an upper house to review these things," he said.

"You know nothing corrupts more than absolute power.

"It doesn't look on the surface, but maybe it is.

"Maybe the premier's got an answer and he should be given the opportunity so people don't think bad things about him.

"I'd like to (make a complaint).

"My only problem is time.

"If I started to write a submission it might take me 'til Christmas, there are so many things to write about.

"It's time for people to put up or shut up." 

Quotes from Clive Palmer:

- "And as Abraham Lincoln said a long time ago: 'The Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth.' I like to think that government by the people, for the people, for the people shall not perish from Queensland."

- "Shakespeare said a long time ago: 'Thou doest protest too much.' And there should be nothing to protest about unless you're worried about something."