Kids Connect Conference: Brent Selman and Libby Connors
Kids Connect Conference: Brent Selman and Libby Connors Allan Reinikka ROK091116aconnect

Conference sees kids take charge

IT'S a conference run for kids, by kids and this time around it was the students from St Anthony's turn to run the show.

Year six students Brent Selman and Libby Connors were among the "kids connect staff” who helped to organise the conference which focused on introducing catholic primary school students to new technology.

They were given the task earlier on this year to think of activities and skills children their age would like to learn.

St Anthony's year six teacher Sarah Kinsella said she broke her class up into groups to make sure everything was covered.

"The class was actually split into different groups so we had a finance team, we had a creative affairs team, we had a catering team who were responsible for organising food and we had a public relations team so they organised a web site,” Miss Kinsella said.

"So they made a website for the event and shared it with other schools and because kids connect has been running for a couple of years schools are aware of it so they then put some children forward to attend it.

"The finance team tried to find sponsors but at such late notice it was hard to get sponsors but we were lucky between the family businesses that are in school and local businesses we were lucky to get supported.”

Miss Kinsella said the class then decided on a bunch of activities which students could participate in at the conference, narrowed it down and found facilitators who could run the activities.

"It's amazing, the likes of this event gives kids who might not be overly academic a chance to shine,” she said.

Student organiser Libby Connors said organising sponsors and facilitators was an interesting process.

"It was a little bit hard but easy because some of them wouldn't get back to you straight away and you wouldn't know how many people were coming but then some of them would get back to you straight away,” she said.

"We had to get sponsors and we had to get all the technology and facilitators organised, we had to email them and email the schools,” Brent added.

Brent and Libby both agreed their favourite project was videoing the other students and putting together a movie on what they had done over the two days.

"The kids connect teams are making movies for the presentation night and that's been my favourite part because I was videoing a group,” Libby explained,

"We're learning a little bit more about technology here because we go on Imovie and we learn more about technology.”

Miss Kinsella said the two day conference would come to a close with a presentation night for parents, family and friends.

"Over the last few days my class have been the "kids connect staff” as they're calling themselves so they've been compiling some movies together so that at the presentation evening parents can see what the kids have done."

"You know what kids are like, you ask what have you done today and they say oh nothing.

”It'll be good for parents to be able to see what they got to do and then the catering team over the last couple of days have been constantly preparing for the next break and learning how to clean dishes which is great,” she laughed.

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