Leanne Fenech  with developers Andrew Beaumont and Wayne Riddle.
Leanne Fenech with developers Andrew Beaumont and Wayne Riddle. Allan Reinikka ROK010617agallery

Confidence grows as Gallery project surges ahead

STANDING elevated on the first floor of the developing Gallery Apartments, unobstructed views of the mighty Fitzroy River and stunning Berserker Ranges consumes you.

For the past seven months, construction workers have shaped the region's latest river front destination from the ground up and with work about to start on the third level, the views are only going to get better.

Rockhampton developers Wayne Riddell and Andrew Beaumont's $17 million 9 storey luxury residential Gallery Apartments project is well and truly beginning to transform the city's skyline while it's associated crane overhead boosts confidence in the entire region.

While heavy rain temporarily slowed down progress at the site earlier this year, Mr Riddell and Mr Beaumont said the project was back to full operation and the Rockhampton community could expect to see drastic growth over the next few months.

"We have lost about a month with the rain and getting on to the site which was challenging," Mr Beaumont said.

"But now we are up to level two and forming up level three; we're hoping to put a level up about every 14 days now because the main transfer slabs are done.

"With no more delays we should have the roof on about mid-August and then we'll fit it out. We will be looking to settle now in early 2018 because we lost that month."

As the project's presence on Victoria Parade expands, Mr Beaumont said as does interest in the project; and confidence in the local construction market.

"The total project is around about $17 million so it is considerable for the region certainly in a time when we are coming off a flatter period," the experienced developer said.

"It's such a high-profile site and with people coming over the bridge both north and south, it's good for passers-by coming through the region to see there is activity.

"It's great to see a crane in the sky to throw some confidence out there. It gives other people the confidence to dip their toe in the water as well and look at another project.

"Now that we have so much more amenity on the riverbank, it's really starting to have a life of its own with the restaurants and what is happening along the riverbank. People are looking for that lifestyle choice and it will only get stronger."

An artist impression of stage one of the finished Gallery Apartments.
An artist impression of stage one of the finished Gallery Apartments. Contributed

With such success and high interest in Stage One of the project, Mr Beaumont revealed he, Mr Riddell and project marketer Leanne Fenech were preparing to launch Stage Two of the Gallery venture.

He said design proposals were currently being priced for the second tower with a launch date edging closer.

"We are going to maintain larger apartments on the second stage and if the pricing comes in on the budget we're hopeful of launching that to the market in the second half of this year," Mr Beaumont said.

"We are looking at three bedroom apartments in the second tower and they won't conflict with this project because we only have one three-bed left in here. They will be nice, big apartments perfect for the market at the moment.

"At this stage both towers are the same height but we may go to council and ask for a slight variation if we have to."

From a sales perspective, Pat O'Driscoll Real Estate sales consultant and Gallery project marketer Leanne Fenech said sales had reached a significant milestone with 50% of Stage One apartments now under contract.

"Sales are good, three have sold this year already. As soon as we started construction, we started to see enquiry increase. Generally with these projects when you first launch you have a wave of enquiry and things settle down before things start happening on the site," Mrs Fenech said.

"Buyers that enquired before November have made contact to get an update on what's available.

"We knew the market would attract Gallery buyers and it has worked. We knew exactly what the market was wanting and 50% sales is a testament to that.

"The buyers are all local which is really important. It's promising for the developers and I that locals are backing us and backing the project."

Mrs Fenech said buyers were counting down the days until they could step through the doors of their new luxury, river front homes, with almost every contract holder checking on progress at the construction site daily.

"Every buyer drives or walks past the site every day, we have one buyer that come to the site every afternoon at 5pm - the builders even know them now," she said.

"It's an exciting process to take them through.

"Getting to the stage where you start construction and see the crane in the sky...I absolutely love it."

With just 15 apartments remaining, including one three-bedroom apartment with a media room on level seven, one two-bedroom apartment with a study and 13 two-bedroom apartments, prospective buyers should contact Mrs Fenech on 0400 131 525 or visit www.galleryrockhampton.com.au.

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