PLEADED GUILTY: Paris Anne Blurton .
PLEADED GUILTY: Paris Anne Blurton . Facebook

Cop assaulting Cinderella lacks prince in childhood story

SHE may have been referred to as "the stepsister”, but a woman who assaulted five police officers did not find her Prince Charming.

Defence barrister Tom Polley described the childhood of his client, Paris Anne Blurton, as "remarkably abhorrent”, after her father murdered her mother and later died by suicide, and Blurton was sent to live with relatives in Darwin, where she was treated like "the stepsister and required to do all of the chores”.

Blurton, 32, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court yesterday to eight counts of serious assault, one of unlawful use of a motor vehicle and one of wilful damage.

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Crown prosecutor Alexandra Baker said Blurton confronted the first victim about 9.25am on Boxing Day in 2016 with two other males and claimed the Toyota Camry at the house was registered in her name - it wasn't.

The court heard the victim eventually submitted to Blurton's demands and started driving the trio towards Rockhampton CBD, only to be kicked out on the side of the road and left behind.

Police located the Camry at Blurton's residence later that day and when police went to arrest her for the unlawful use of a motor vehicle, Ms Baker said, Blurton "immediately became aggressive”.

The heavily pregnant woman, who was on bail at the time and subject to two community- based court orders, had consumed methamphetamine prior to the police's arrival.

Ms Baker said Blurton kicked at the vehicle's back window, damaging it and the door frame.

Two officers were summoned to assist and as they were moving Blurton, she kicked one of the female officers in the chest and caused her to stumble backwards, winded.

Judge Michael Burnett, who referred to Blurton's behaviour as "completely irrational”, said the two officers who went to assist the injured female officer were both then spat on by Blurton.

This spit landed on the officers' forearms.

Ms Baker said police eventually got Blurton to the Rockhampton watch house, where she spat at the officer who went to assist her out of the police van, dug her nails into the skin of another officer and, while she was on the ground, bit another officer and spat in that officer's face.

The court heard watch house staff became concerned about Blurton's behaviour so she was first placed in a padded cell and then transported to hospital by the Queensland Ambulance Service.

She kicked a QAS officer and again spat at police during this transport.

"This episode is an escalation of her behaviour,” Ms Baker said.

"She assaulted five officers in varying degrees - kicking, biting and spitting.”

The court heard Blurton spent 51/2 months in jail after the offending and that she had thrown a mixture of urine and water at a corrections officer who had opened the hatch to Blurton's cell.

Mr Polley said Blurton was introduced to drugs after her family left her outside a homeless youth house in Rockhampton, and became more involved with meth due to a heavy-using boyfriend.

Blurton was diagnosed with mental health issues after the birth of one of her children in 2015, Mr Polley said, the death of a friend died by suicide and jailing of the father of the child.

Mr Polley said since Blurton's release from prison, she had stabilised her life and was taking her medication.

He said she did not recall the offending, but had watched the footage and asked for her apologies to be passed on to the victims.

Judge Burnett said no police officer, or other public servant, deserved to be treated in the manner they had.

He sentenced Blurton to a 21 months in jail with immediate parole.

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