Coronavirus QLD: all you need to know today


Queensland Health has revealed its latest coronavirus data, with 40 additional cases lifting the local total to 781. There are currently seven patients on ventilators in intensive care units. Nationally we have a death toll of 20.

The Sunshine State is now home to the first GP-led rural respiratory clinic, with doors opening today on the new facility as the Government fights back against COVID-19.

Meanwhile a shocking new survey has revealed the majority of our frontline medical staff believe they are inadequately protected against COVID-19, with masks running low and workers forced to make their own hand sanitiser. 

Queenslanders face massive fines and even jail time if caught not following coronavirus social distancing rules with just 16 excuses getting you out of a hefty fine.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young has issued a 'home confinement' directive which prohibits residents from leaving their home unless they fit one of 16 categories, including shopping for essential food, travelling to and from work, exercising or taking children to school or childcare.


A Sunshine Coast mum is calling for the younger generation to take the coronavirus pandemic with more severity after a boy deliberately coughed in her face and then laughed.

Meanwhile Toowoomba Regional Council has closed all public park playgrounds, outdoor gyms, public barbecue facilities and skate parks in line with the latest federal government health advice.

And Hamilton Island has gone into an enforced island-wide self-isolation period for three weeks to help ensure the safety of residents from coronavirus and anyone found breaking the rules may be asked to leave the island.



Elsewhere, the most infected coronavirus cohort in Australia are women aged in their twenties, according to statistics from the federal Health Department - because they won't stay home.

Amid the COVID-19 chaos, everyone is being urged to get the flu vaccine early this year. Australia has developed a four-strain super vaccine now available free to those over 65. 

An Italian waitress on a working holiday visa has been stranded in Australia for more than two weeks because she cannot afford the flight home after greedy Qatar airline quoted $12,000 a ticket home.

And Prince William, now known as "the last royal standing", has revealed he wants to be front and centre in the battle against COVID-19.

The Duke of Cambridge, 37, spent two years flying medics to emergencies before stepping down in 2017.
But he has privately said he wants to get back in the cockpit and help out on the front line.



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