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Housing and money Tom Huntley

Opinion: Cost of living budget not 'reasonable' calculations

I ALWAYS have a chuckle when I read some authority stating how much the average Aussie needs to earn to live a "reasonable" lifestyle.

The latest figures calculated by researchers at the University of NSW and published in the report New Minimum Income for Healthy Living Budget Standards for Low-Paid and Unemployed Australians states a single adult would require almost $600 a week to have a reasonable standard of living, while a couple with two children would need to spend $1173. Read more here: How much you really need to earn

What do you think of these 'reasonable standard of living' budgets?

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I'm sorry, what planet are these researchers living on?

Never mind the fact the researchers themselves live in a much more expensive city than Rockhampton, but $600 a week for a single person anywhere is not going to lead to a "reasonable standard of living".

First, there is rent. Most people I know are pay $150-$200 a week in rent (sharing).

Then there are insurances - car, health, contents - which is about $40 a week.

Groceries are now about $125 per single person a week. Car repayments, fuel and rego are about $120 a week, depending on the car. Gym membership - $15 a week.

Health maintenance (aka medications, prescription glasses, fortnightly massages, physiotherapy, chiropractic, nutritionists, etc) - $80.

That $10 for luxuries such as clothing, hair appointments, coffee on the go, mobile phone, Netflix, broadband and dentists.

Oh wait, I forgot one luxury item - electricity - about $23 a week ($300 a quarter on a shared bill).

Get real researchers.

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