Bevan Dingley.
Bevan Dingley. File

Cougars try to shelter cubs

CAPRICORN Cougars officials hope to hear this morning if the club will be granted permission to relax a rule so it can field a team in tomorrow night's clash against the Brisbane Strikers.

The Queensland State League side has been struck down by suspension, illness and injuries in recent weeks.

It is down to just eight available players for the game, its chief executive office Bevan Dingley said last night.

The club has put a request to Football Queensland to have a rule temporarily lifted which stops players from taking to the field for their club sides if they play more than 45 minutes for the Cougars.

The Cougars, coached by former Uruguyan international Washington Gonzales, take on the Strikers at Rockhampton's Jardine Park on Saturday night.

Club games are scheduled to be held the following afternoon.

Dingley said the Cougars would approach local players if permission was granted.

If not he said it would have to weigh up its options, which could include defaulting.

Dingley stressed the club was seeking only a temporary lift.

While the Cougars have introduced talented younger players to the squad this year, Dingley said the club was not about to sacrifice the development of tomorrow's top performers by throwing too many into the competition unprepared.

“We are not going to put kids to the sword because senior players in the area won't play,” Dingley said.

The Cougars were beaten 7-0 by the Strikers in Brisbane earlier this year.

So far, they have racked up three points for 10 games.

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