Could a sprinkler hose cost Rocky home owners $750K?

A FORMER pool maintenance man is suing two Rockhampton householders after he tripped and broke his wrist while working at their home.

Darren James Gorle has filed a claim in the District Court of Rockhampton, suing the home owners up to $750,000 for the injury he claims was the fault of their neglect.

Mr Gorle, 48, was carrying out monthly pool maintenance at the Rockhampton property on December 22, 2014 when he fell onto his right wrist.

He claims the home owners were talking to him from the balcony on the rear of the house as he cleaned in and around the filter box.

As he spoke to them, Mr Gorle moved forward to view them better when his left foot caught on a sprinkler hose across the walkway.

The claim states the incident was a consequence of the home owner's failing to remove the sprinkler hose, or warn Mr Gorle of its presence, and engaging him in conversation as he worked.

As a result of the fractured wrist, which required surgery, Mr Gorle claims he has been left with a permanent impairment which affects his ability to work and participate in recreational activities.

Mr Gorle returned to work in July 2017 as a labourer with a Bowen transport company, but seasonal work means he has lost earning capacity.

The claim further states Mr Gorle permanent psychiatric and physical impairments prevent him from returning to skilled or heavy labouring work and lacks transferable skills for an office job.

"The plaintiff is by virtue of his injuries over sensitised and unable to cope with the usual rigours of work," the claim states.

This, combined with his age and time spent off work recovery from the injury, puts Mr Gorle at "risk of significant periods of unemployment", the claim states.

The claim for "not more than $750,000" includes $80,000 in general damages, $107,170 for past economic loss, $354,879.60 in future economic loss, past and future superannuation loss totalling $51,294.76, as well as a number of other special damages claims plus interest.

Among the special damages claims listed is $9583.75 for domestic and other maintenance assistance and $2500 for future physiotherapy costs.

The Morning Bulletin contacted Mr Gorle's legal representatives, but did not receive a response before deadline.

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