Could Pluto become a planet again?


Almost a decade after the International Astronomical Union or IAU decided to kick Pluto out of the exclusive club that is our solar system, the issue has come into orbit once again.

Washington Post is reporting that now, eight years after Pluto was given its 2006 marching orders, maybe it could be welcomed back.

Pluto lost its status because it was considered too small -- as far as planets go -- to be put in the same basket as its peers.

It's smaller than our moon.

However, a change of planetary definition is being pushed within the IAU, with the centre releasing a statement of arguments including those from two IAU experts, one who said Pluto was a planet and another who said it wasn't.

A third, Dimitar Sasselov, said a planet should be defined as "the smallest spherical lump of matter that formed around stars or stellar remnants."

That is, any round chunk of dirt that revolves around the sun.

Sasselov's view was backed by the IAU when a vote was taken.

While Pluto remains in the darkness for now, we're hoping this could be the first step towards returning it to its rightful place in our solar community.

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