Council invites Justice Minister to inspect Kershaw Gardens

Minister for Justice Michael Keenan has been invited for an 'all expenses paid' trip to Rockhampton to see Kershaw Gardens for himself and to talk to residents affected by creek overflow during TC Marcia.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow said Minister Keenan told Council he 'had trouble believing Kershaw Gardens could be that bad'.

After months of asking Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry to take Council's claims for Category D  funding to Canberra, it seems that much of Kershaw Gardens will now remain fenced off as a contaminated site until Council's budget is able to stretch another $3.5 million dollars.

Rockhampton Regional Council has already spent $800,000 and has $3.5 million set aside in the coming draft budget to continue the work, but there is still a long way to go.

The bad news that there was no new money to help the Region's recovery came as Mayor Strelow met in a teleconference facilitated by Michelle Landry with Minister Michael Keenan.

Minister Keenan said that the $6 million set-aside is to be shared between four Councils for the repair of 'Recreation facilities, beaches and National Parks'  was all there is.

"The problem is we have been told that the restoration of Kershaw alone will be in excess of the $6 million," Mayor Strelow said.

"And there is no joy for residents who are watching the skies afraid of the rain that might cause 'clogged up' creeks to overflow into their homes either.

"There is no funding available at all for creek repair. Creeks are a kind of 'no man's land' in terms of responsibility but Council was willing to get in and clean them out if there was assistance to do so," she said. 

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